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IMHO, the below is one of the best brunch places in Singapore.


It's one of the few places that I'd list if someone asks me for recommendations. That and Maison Ikkoku, Dean and Deluca, Strangers Reunion to name a few. In fact, I've actually been to Symmetry twice, so I've combined the photos for my two trips in one blog post. ;)

The first time I went a few months ago, I was the one who made the reservations. And if you make reservations, the restaurant writes down your name on a piece of rock as a sort of table marker, and also, on a glass panel in the restaurant. How cool is that?

Matcha latte; Latte

I was early, so I ordered a cuppa matcha latte to try. It was pretty good, as it had a strong bitter matcha taste, and wasn't overtly sweet. I was a little disappointed as it did not come with the cafe's signature gingerbread shaped cookie, but fret not, cos I ordered a cuppa latte after that while I was having brunch, and ta-dah! Say hello to Cookie!

Skinny flat white and latte
Squid; Flan; Croissant

We started off with a fried squid starter. The fried baby squid pieces were layered atop a black squid ink aioli and was really tasty. The flan, which encased two slices of succulent pork cheeks, a poached egg and salad, was really quite unique. A pity the flan became quite soggy after having soaked up all the sauce, runny egg and meat juices.

Truffle eggs mushroom

The scrambled eggs were perfectly runny, and the berry butter accompanying the toast was really yummy. Thumbs up.

Eggs Benedict

Well. I think the above speaks for itself doesn't it? Another thumbs up.

I went there recently again for a girlfriend's birthday brunch breakfast.

As I was seated right next to the entrance, I had the opp to snap more interior shots, as compared to the previous visit, where I was seated way inside the cafe.

Drinks galore - Birthday girl's OJ, various lattes for the rest

Oh, and they now include a gingerbread cookie for (I think) any type of latte ordered. Cos my matcha latte came with the cookie man this time round! :)

Truffle fries with truffle mayo

The truffle fries here are one of the better ones I've tried in Singapore. You could def smell the heady aroma of truffle, for both the fries and mayo. The cut of fries was also just about perfect, neither too shoestring or too wedge-y. The girlfriends all gave the thumbs up for this too.

Breakfast is served
Symmetry Eggs Sur Le Plat

For my second visit, I decided to get the eggs sur le plat (after surfing Instagram the previous night to see what looks good). Eggs sur le plat means baked eggs (in French I think - the original name would be Oeufs sur le plat). Ooooo, when it came, I was like, hey it looks like shakshouka essentially, a tomato base stew with chorizo, poached eggs, toasted bread cubes and cheese. And it was ooo-la-la good. Albeit a bit salty (probably cos chorizo was involved). Once again, really runny yolks. The dish was really too much for one, I was struggling to finish the second egg in fact.

Chicken salad; Smoked salmon croissant
Chocolate cake + ice cream, with a 'Happy birthday' on the plate
Mango mousse cake with a peanut butter oreo base
The cafe 'mascots' outside on the bench

Symmetry serves dinner too, so I might consider dropping by one day to try their dinner selections.


  1. OH MY...that picture of the eggs Benedict. Looks like you had glorious meals there! I love the fact that they give you cookies with your lattes!

  2. the cookie and the latte were both tasty!

  3. Hi Michelle, can the "happy birthday" on the plate be requested?:)


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