Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sookee's big day(s)

I've been missing in action for quite a bit. It's another of those spells I have where I'm disinterested in editing photos and blogging and I'd rather be doing other stuff. Yes, and that includes watching Running Man instead, (I know, I'm such a closet geek) because you know, a girl just gotta prioritise right?

I've been alive and well and doing the usual stuff, hanging out with friends, baking as usual, gymming (whenever I can), work blah. Besides, other than food photos, I do actually have photos of friends gatherings too to upload (omg, that reminds me I still have my Seoul 2013 photos to sift through...all 1000+ of them).

Anyway, I digress. One of my best girlfriends got hitched. Technically, her ROM was last November, so she was already considered married to begin with, but, there was her Hen's party, the gatecrashing, the Indian temple ceremony, and the wedding lunch reception to follow. Everything was within the span of the past two months, and I've compiled the photos I've taken to share them here cos I thought she looked so lovely.

The hen's night

About a month before the weddings, we rented a room, and decorated it to surprise her. I guess it worked hey?

The service at Ritz Carlton Singpapore was majorly awesome. We bumped into a hotel staff while heading out for some stuff, and joked that we would like champagne as we were having a hen's party. Look what greeted us when we opened the door back into the room! Lovely!

Epic face

We had dinner at Timbre, made the Bachelorette did some dares on the street, and went clubbing afterwards. Overall, hen's night success!

It may seem like there are so many wedding events for just one couple. To explain, my friend, who's Chinese, is marrying her boyfriend, who's Indian. For an inter-racial wedding, there are so many customary stuff to be done for both sides, and I'm sure my girlfriends agree with me that it was a really fun wedding to be involved in.

Exactly two Sundays ago, the bridesmaids party were involved in the gatecrashing event in the morning, here's a shot of us in our match-y teal bridesmaids dress, and bright sunny yellow sunflowers in hands as we followed the couple for their photoshoot session after the gatecrash.

The Indian temple ceremony was on that same night, and since the bride roped in her colleagues as part of the bridal entourage, my girlfriends and I got to partake as guests! Love the gorgeous henna on her hands. My girlfriend is really fair, so the henna stood out against her fair skin, couple that with the vibrant bangles and sari she had on, WOW.

My personal favourite shot of the entire wedding (all events included) 
The bridal couple in the matching bridal wear

It certainly was an experience for me as I've not attended an Indian wedding ceremony before. The vibrancy of the whole night really impressed me, as guests and family members were all wearing really gorgeous colourful outfits.


Just last Sunday, she had her lunch reception at the Fullerton Hotel. We were there early to help prep decorations and stuff. I was lucky enough to be the one who accompanied her for her photoshoot (aka gown helper lol), and I brought my camera along to snatch a few quick shots.

On the bridge
Hand in hand, intertwined, with matching smiles
Last min rehearsals
Still very in sync - we were all in black and white
Lovely details on the back of the gown; Pretty flower centrepieces

I wish the wedded couple a lifetime of happiness through sickness and health, for better or worse, for richer or poorer and to love and cherish forever and ever.

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