Monday, June 17, 2013

Maison Ikkoku

Weekends are made for brunch. How true is that statement indeed.

 Maison Ikkoku

Many of the Gen-Y youngsters in Singapore (yes, sheepishly, I'm actually one in the many) have cultivated a weekend routine of some sort. They meet up with their friends (or other halves, or family) and head to one of the newly opened cafes that pepper our little island. It has become sorta a ritual to exchange cafe lists to mark out the next brunch session.

I have brunch with different girlfriends every other weekend (or if my schedule goes a lil crazy, every weekend actually). My (flimsy) excuse is that we are technically spending the time to keep ourselves updated with our circle of friends - or gossip, in short.

A few months back, I popped by a place that serve pretty decent food, and coffee too. I've always outlined that local cafes either do one or the other well, but rarely both. The girlfriends and I agreed that Maison Ikkoku here actually has thumbs up for the both.

French toast with sea salt caramel
Twisted french omelette
Salmon florentine; Chicken sandwich

I must say that the french toast was done well. I mean, anything with sea salt caramel almost always gets a tick in my box. I can't decide which I love more - the Maison Ikkoku's version or the Dean & Deluca's cornflakes crusted version. Both are tasty in their own ways, with the addition of yummilicious sea salt caramel. ;)

I can't resist pretty latte art too that comes along with my coffee. The above looks a lil complicated then the common rosetta and hearts (not that I dislike receiving those cos I know it takes effort to even draw any kind of latte art). I wish I could do latte art too! Maybe I should sign up for some kinda coffee class or something. But I'm not that big of a coffee expert and am afraid of making a fool of myself by asking stupid questions...So, we'll see. ;)

Till then, waiting for the next weekend already (even though it's like Monday now).

Close up of decadence on a plate...

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