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Asparagus Leeks Roasted Cherry Tomatoes Quiche

I saw a recipe for a quiche crust that didn't use any butter (!). And my curiousity was piqued. I mean, crusts are always about the butter no? And we all know very well that butter is not exactly healthy. So I decided to try the recipe out to see how it taste like.

Asparagus Leeks Roasted Cherry Tomatoes Quiche

Asparagus; Roasted cherry tomatoes

The dough was very unlike my other usual butter crust, and the texture was really stretchy and elastic-y. Not sure how to explain clearly, but oh well nevermind. Feeling a bit apprehensive, I decided to prebake the dough first though it wasn't stated in the original recipe to do so.

Nuh ah. Wrong move. I'm not sure what I did wrong anywhere, but the resulting dough was nowhere near the flaky crust described by those who tried the recipe (the website and comments below). The crust was edible I guess, but it wasn't exactly enjoyable. I'm wondering if I should try it again (maybe half the recipe this time round) without prebaking it to see whether it makes any difference.

But anyway, no need to worry, even if the crust was a failure, the filling was delicious. It is pack full of vegetables (it's meatless!) and the colours are really pretty before and after it was baked. I loved how the roasted tomatoes were really sweet. A big slice of this goes a long way to fill me up for lunch.

I'd recommend my trusty crust for any quiches (recipe > here), but no harm giving the bottom healthier recipe a try first since it's what made me make a quiche in the first place. Perhaps you would have more luck with it than me!

Asparagus Leeks Roasted Cherry Tomatoes Quiche

Crust (adapted from here)
110g AP flour
120g wholemeal flour
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup extra virgin oil
1/2 cup ice water

Mix flours and salt in a food processor. Add olive oil and pulse till combined. Slowly add water till dough sticks together when pinched.
Roll into a ball, flatten and roll it out till it is big enough to fit your tart mold.
Line tart mold with dough.

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
100g cherry tomatoes, halved
olive oil

Toss all ingredients together and bake in oven at 200C for 15 minutes. Remove and cool.

Braised Leeks
Recipe > here (*but without mushrooms and brandy)

2 large eggs
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup cream
dried herbs
shredded cheese

Preheat oven to 175C.
Layer the braised leeks at the bottom of the crust.
Line the trimmed asparagus stalks on top of the leeks. Place the asparagus tips on the top of the asparagus ends. (I lined the asparagus in neat parallel, leaving just sufficient space in between for the roasted tomatoes)
Add the roasted cherry tomatoes in between the asparagus ends.
Scatter shredded cheese on top of the vegetables.
Pour the egg mixture over the vegetables, be careful not to disturb the arrangement of the vegetables.
Bake quiche for 30 - 35 minutes or until the filling is set and lightly golden brown.

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