Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Broers Cafe

I popped by Broers cafe after my visit to L'Etoile here. It was relatively near by, just a 5 minutes car ride away.

The Broers Cafe

It was a pretty hole-in-the-wall sorta place, with only a few tables. The place was unpretentioously minimalistic, but there were little dashes of decor here and there which spruced up the cafe. Like the huge wall of coffee related words, or the line of pretty hand drawn cards and photos.

The afternoon I went, the place was pretty quiet, which made for a great cozy spot to chill at with my girlfriend. There were magazines available for perusal, so we grabbed a couple, and sat down for some reading time with our drinks.

We shared two drinks - a cuppa Brotado, and a cuppa chai. Both of us loved the Brotado (we asked the dude behind the counter what it was - if I didn't remember wrongly, it's a double shot ristretto with milk? So it's like a stronger latte, I think). The coffee here, in comparison, was better than the ones we had at L'Etoile.

The chai however, we both agreed that we do not recommend. The first cup of chai we had, it was way too sweet, and when we told the staff, they kindly helped us brew another cup, cos the first cup was made using syrup, and the second was chai tea? (I think so again, please pardon my fuzzy memory) I guess it's really up to personal preferences, but we still didn't like the chai overall. But the coffee is definitely recommended!

The Broers Cafe does not only sells drinks, it has a small menu with several light dishes too, but cos we already ate prior to this, we didn't order anything to munch on. The food options sound pretty good though (and also, I've read some good reviews about the food). 

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