Sunday, November 04, 2012

Super Star K

I didn't realise until recently, but Tanjong Pagar is like a mini Korean town. There are so many (and I mean really many) Korean restaurants there. And quite a number of them are barbeque restaurants. The kind that you see in Korea - that specialised in BBQ and has the metal thing above the table to "suck up all the food fumes".

I visited two BBQ places in the past few months, and here's the first place that I went to.

 Super Star K

Actually, my dinner choice was actually another Korean BBQ place (but that shall come in another post), but I didn't realise that it was quite a popular place. I walked in without any reservation, and thus was turned away as they were fully booked.

No worries, since there were plenty other choices around the area, so my friend suggested Super Star K since she've been there before.

냉면 (Cold noodles)

The 냉면 (naeng myeon) was delicious - the noodles were chewy and cut into bite sized pieces. Then again, we were starving, and this was the first dish on the table... A point to note though, the dish contains beef (for those who do not eat beef), and so one of our friend was kept starving since he doesn't take beef. 

Condiments; Greens
계란찜 (Steamed egg); 삼계탕 (Ginseng chicken soup)

We all unanimously agreed that the 계란찜 (gyeran jjim) was really good, and we even requested for a refill (though service was a bit slow as the place was packed). The 삼계탕 (samgyetang) was average, not too bad but not outstanding like the authentic Korea Tosokchon's version. :D   

There were quite a few pork and beef selections, and we chose pork primarily since, my friend doesn't take beef. We did order a side of beef bulgogi though (probably forgot to snap a picture cos I was stuffing my face silly). Korean BBQs are the best. Especially eaten with a group of friends. You get to eat loads of yummy food, talk, and yeah, well, eat more. Duh.


  1. At first, I thought you were going to talk about the show super star K. XD

    This place looks awesome. I love eating kbbq!

  2. what is the other korean bbq that you went to? what's the name? cos me and my friend considering korean bbq and we are not sure which is worth trying! (:

  3. hi sorry for the late reply - i went to Wang Dae Bak! It was not bad. I actually quite like Ju Shin Jung buffet the best so far (but it's a lil pricy heh). Do share if you have other recommendations! :)


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