Thursday, September 27, 2012

Habitat Coffee

Convenience is everything. I tend to visit places that are near to places that I frequent regularly, or is on the way to somewhere that I am heading to anyway. Habitat Coffee is uber near the Sis's shop, so I dropped by for brunch one morning some time back.

 Hazelnut latte at Habitat Coffee

The latte art is certainly pretty isn't it? And I like how they serve coffee with a piece of lotus caramelised biscuit. Love those biscuits. Yums. The latte was actually decent. And I've revisited it twice more for takeaway lattes. *It really is like a few steps away from the Sis shop...

While the coffee may be decent, I can't say the same for the brunch. The eggs ben plates above look yums, but I didn't taste it, so I can't vouch for it (perhaps I should drop by again to try?). The pancakes below were my choice, and unfortunately, they were too sweet for my liking. Chocolate sauce and maply syrup, combined with icing sugar and sliced banana, makes for a too sweet breakfast. Well, at least plating presentation was great though.

I've heard good things about the cakes there though. So perhaps the next time I'm there for coffee, I'll actually try a slice or something. :)

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