Monday, September 24, 2012

Club Street Social

It's one of the latest (okay, not that latest by the time I get around to posting this) hippest place to be. I've heard good reviews about the place so I decided to drop by for lunch one day.

Club Street Social


The prosciutto, pear, cheese, arugula salad was surprisingly quite good. I'm not a fan of processed meats in general, but the prosciutto here was not overly salty, and it tasted delicious with the other salad ingredients. 

Reading up on past online reviews, it seemed that the dish to order is the pan seared lobster panini. It certainly didn't disappoint. I loved the crusty panini bread they used, and the abundent lobster filling. It paired well with the avocado slices, but one gripe was that I couldn't detect any hint of the "yuzu mayo". And since lobster and avocado were both creamy in texture, it would have been nice if they had added something with a textural crunch to the panini to elevate it. That's just a personal opinion.

The grilled ribeye panini on the other hand was quite a letdown. It wasn't bad, just that, it wasn't spectacular either. Prices for both panini choices we had were the same, so in my mind, it didn't measure up to the other great choice.

The staff were quite nice to plate it up for us individually - one each of the two panini dishes we ordered on a plate each.

We stopped by Flor in the afternoon for cake and iced drinks since the weather was hot. This earl grey banana chocolate cake was actually pretty decent. The earl grey cream atop the chocolate meringue was not too sweet, with a slight tea fragrance. I would have loved for the flavour to be more apparent, but I've come to realise that I have yet to find a place that can make prominent tea flavoured desserts.

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  1. I am so jealous you live in Singapore and get to visit such adorable and cute places!


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