Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Riders Cafe (revisited)

I'm back from my Taiwan trip (unfortunately). Had loads of fun (translation = stuffing myself crazy with lotsa food) and I didn't really want to return to reality (translation = work).

Sad to say, life's always about reality, so back to work I return to. Ciao fun, Hello mundane.

April's gonna be a busy month for me still. The Sis's shop is opening next month, and I've to help her out whenever possible. I have boatloads of photos to edit and I reckon I won't be blogging much still. Here's an interim post on a brunch session I had a couple weeks back with my fave brunch buddy.

 Taken with my iPhone 

It's been quite a long while since I last visited Riders Cafe. My last visit was in 2010, where I blogged about it here. The place was as crowded as ever. We were almost an hour late for our reservation (thanks to said fave brunch buddy - LOL), but luckily we waited shortly before we were shown to an available table. Reservations are a must. I overheard the server telling walk-in customers the wait was around an hour and a half. *jaws dropped* Service was pretty good, the server was friendly and had a bright smile on her, and waiters walked around and offered water in glasses to those who were waiting in the queue.

Blackstone Benedict; "The Usual"

Girlfriend ordered the big breakkie, and everything was pretty good. My eggs ben were average - one of the eggs was cooked (!), the other, thankfully was still runny, so that saved the day.

We were happily sipping our coffees, chatting as usual, when we spotted a plate of decadent tempting huge slice of chocolate cake heading...for the table next to us. It looked simply divine. I badgered the girlfriend (who's not even a big fan of chocolate) to order it to share. It isn't called the Death by Chocolate Cake for no reason. Immensely rich to a fault, we obviously didn't even finish half of it. But it certainly did manage to suppress my (almost)daily chocolate cravings. ;)

I like Riders Cafe, it still has a lovely atmosphere, and I like that the location is far away from the city area (driving there is certainly recommended).

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