Sunday, April 29, 2012

Group Therapy Cafe

Singapore's absolutely swarming with so many new cafes and coffee joints. I've added another ten or so more of names to my to-visit list of cafes.

Some time back, I managed to have brunch at one of the cafes on my list. That's good. I'm slowly making my way through to strike every name off my list. :)

Group Therapy Cafe

I first saw the cafe when I was having lunch around the area with my family. My Sis happened to mention that she had visited the place a couple times, and so I was naturally insistent on trying it out myself to see if it was good.

It's situated on the second floor of a shophouse, and the place was really cozy, albeit a little squashed. I was late, and my cousin had already ordered her coffee, so I quickly ordered a cuppa too while we then looked through the food menu options.

I asked the waiter for a recommendation and got the roasted almond latte to try. It was quite sweet then how I would normally prefer my coffee to be, but there was a pleasant almond flavour and the caffeine in it packs quite a punch.

Eggs ben and Panini for brunch

My cousin got the poached eggs with smoked salmon as she is a fan of eggs ben in general, while I got the grilled ham, mushrooms and cheese panini. I love my breakfast! It looked pretty homely and nothing too special, but tastewise, it was really good. First of all, I liked the couscous side - it had sort of a Japanese sesame dressing, and I happily polished it all off cos it tasted so delish. The panini was simple - the bread was toasty and crisp on the outside, and when you bite into it, there was oozing melting mozzarella cheese. Combined with the savoury ham and mushrooms, it made for a really hearty meal. In fact, I couldn't finish everything on the plate as the portions were simply too much.

We sat down for quite some time just chillin', and we decided to get some more drinks and a dessert to share. I wanted something refreshing, so I ordered a grapefruit drink, while my cousin got a mango smoothie. Both drinks were quite good.

And the waffles, my my, just look at that. Do I really need to go on? It certainly didn't disappoint. A warm, soft and crispy waffle, topped with ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. *swoons*

Waffle with vanilla ice cream, fruits and nuts

I certainly recommend a visit to Group Therapy Cafe, it was a really nice spot to chillax on a weekend afternoon and I would love to visit it again (which I would do so gladly, if only I didn't have a list of so many cafes more to visit first) some day.

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