Monday, November 21, 2011


When our Swiss friend came over for a holiday a few months back, we brought her to an Italian place that some of my girlfriends heartily recommended.


Gazpacho; Bread basket

They served a tomato shot, which I think is gazpacho, which tasted quite good when dipped with the bread. My girlfriend absolutely loves the bread there, whereas I think it's just alright, it was a tad too moist (dense in the middle) for my liking.

We shared four mains among ourselves, and I forgot what's the names of some of the dishes - I assume the top two are lagsana and some meat dish. If I didn't remember wrongly, the lagsana was not bad, but the meat was overdone - it was too tough.

The pasta was also not bad, I tried finding the name on the menu online, but it's not stated, I reckon it could be a special? Judging from the appearance, it seems to be squid ink pasta tossed in a crab and tomato sauce. I've just did a google search, apparantly, this is Pietrasanta's signature pasta dish, which is not in the menu (weird isn't it?).

Pizza (Prosciutto e Funghi & Diavola)

 We ordered two flavours for our pizza by going half/half. The toppings were delicious, one being tomatoes salami cheese and the other, mushrooms ham cheese. I liked how the pizza crust was thin and crackly.

Calzone; Cuore Morbido al Cioccolato

The folded pizza we had (the Calzone), was stuffed with melty cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes (a little similar to our pizza I know), and it was also quite nicely done.
Even though we were full, we still had space to order some desserts. We shared the molten chocolate cake (above), the tiramisu, and the chocolate cake (below). Desserts were okay, nothing really wows.

Tiramisu; La Torta di Pistocchi

In fact, the dishes here at Pietrasanta are on average, good, but nothing was outright spectacular. I've had better Italian food at other places so I wasn't too wowed by the food here. A good place to chill nevertheless, the ambience at this hard to find place was pretty good during dinner time.

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