Monday, November 07, 2011

The Orange Thimble

The Orange Thimble is located at Tiong Bahru. On the morning we drove there for brunch, I noticed two interesting things.

The Orange Thimble

One, it seems to be a mature estate (it's seriously an elderly estate, no joke about it). There were tons of people around in the well, mid-morning and finding a parking lot at the place was really no laughing matter. Which brings me to point number...

Two, not to be a mean stereotype, but there was this pooh-fy bimbo woman in shades driving a huge SUV sorta car who seriously had no common sense. We were parked to one corner as we had spotted a car coming out of its lot. This said woman, was driving by, then happened to spot our potential lot-to-be, and "drove" to park in front of us. Why do I say "drove"? There was another car waiting about two car lots in front of us, and this common sense-less woman had to maneuver her way between us. And this "lil action" caused sort of a jam behind her while all the other cars had to wait for her to do her "attempt".

When our (hey, we were here first!) lot was vacated, she sort of tried moving into place. My Sis, of course, put her in place by giving a sharp horn (to signal that no way in hell were we giving up our lot). She, perhaps, realised her folly, and reversed sharply, almost colliding with us at her back and Sis had to toot at her again to stop her. After narrowly avoiding a car crash, she sorta had to slink off...though it's hard since probably everyone behind her car was staring at her (at least all of us in the car were!).

Anyway. Back to coffee. The Orange Thimble was located at a row of old shophouses sort of shops. It's right next to a wholesale egg distributor and I found it really cute that they use tons of empty egg trays to decorate parts of their shop's walls/ceilings.

Click the above image to view the menu (not sure if it's too small though...)

The English; The Chixie; Miss Portobella

The English breakfast was quite good. I liked everything on my plate except for the baked beans. Okay, perhaps the mushrooms too. Strictly speaking, the taste was okay, but there was just something slightly off about it. I love the rye bread though they over-toasted it so it was just a little tough. No worries about that since I've got the runny gooey yolk as a spread. ;)

The sandwiches were also quite good. I tried a little bit of one of it (either the chicken or the mushroom), I think it was the chicken, and it was quite nice. Both sandwich plates came with a side of salsa salad. Which was quite appetising as it was sour and refreshing.

The coffee was average, okay at best I guess. I must confess that I'm not a coffee aficionado so I can't really tell what's good or bad coffee - just what I like or don't like. I think that it's passable so as long as it isn't too milkish, or have sour undertones. My favourite coffee order is probably caffè latte, followed by flat white, then cappuccino (geared towards the milkish kind - but I don't mind the occasional long black too actually...). My personal preference is to have just a tad of bitter undertones in my coffee but in most occasions, a lot of coffee joints brew a milky-ish beverage so I've just learnt to accept that.

Coffee comes with two gem cookies. Quite old-schooled. :)

I think I'll make a point of visiting more coffee joints once every fortnight or so. There are just so many lil' cafes sprouting like mad recently all over our tiny red dot!

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