Friday, October 30, 2009

Blueberry coconut and chocolate hazelnut financiers

Around the same time I made the icecreams (yes, plural, I still have images of vanilla bean icecream to upload, that's for another post), I had lots and lots of leftover egg whites. I didn't feel like making macarons, but I was meeting some friends that week, so I decided to make some financiers to share. I used the same recipe for the raspberry financiers I made previously, tweaked it around a little, and came up with two new flavours - chocolate hazelnut and blueberry coconut.

For the chocolate hazelnut, I substituted some hazelnut flour for the almond, added cocoa powder and sprinkled mini chocolate chips (on the round shapes)/lindt chocolate ( in the square shapes) to the mix. For aesthetics purposes, I decided to sift some icing sugar for some colour contrast. Heh.

Well, for the blueberry coconut version, I substituted blueberries for the raspberries. And the last time I made the raspberry ones, I threw in some toasted coconut that made the texture chewy-like (I like!) so I decided to do the same with the blueberry financiers, and upped the toasted coconut quantity (no measuring, measured purely by eye power snigger).

Flowy chocolate from a chocolate hazelnut financier just warm out of the oven.

Berries overload.

I love my mini molds that let me make mini cakes in different shapes. Get them from DAISO! (:

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