Monday, October 12, 2009

Peach and raspberry pies

It's my first interview later on in the afternoon. Hopefully things aren't as bad as expected cos I know somehow the first few interviews are always tough. Well, practice makes perfect and I will manage to master the tips of how-to-pass-through-an-interview-successfully in time to come. (:

Here's ending off with some white peach and raspberry pies I made a few weeks back. I had enough pastry and filling to make one big pie and one miniature one. It's my first attempt at doing a lattice design atop a pie, and I must say it should have been easy, just that my pastry making skills are not up to par as the weather in Singapore is simply blistering heat 24/7 and I usually get like overworked dough before I even know it. :( I need to conquer tart dough! That means I'll be making more tarts/pies in the near future!

Mini pie slice with a mini scoop of Haagan Daaz's Apricot and Cream icecream. Yums.

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