Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mango Ombré Cake

Since last year, instead of entremets, I've been making more layered cakes. It's pretty time-consuming to make entremets, and also, there's more cream in it than actual cake (I reckon the family prefers stuff that has more cake bits than cream bits), so unless I have extra time on hand, I don't think I'll be baking entremets much.

Mango Ombré Cake

I made this cake for the dad's birthday last year. He loves mangoes, so I've been making him mango-related goodies for his birthdays and Fathers' Day for the past two years.

I found a recipe for mango cake that uses mango puree. However the cake turned out extremely dense (refer to picture above). And cos the cake didn't rise very high, and I was aiming for a taller cake so I can do an ombré design, I whipped up a simple recipe for sponge cake (which honestly, turned out way better than the mango cake). Just look at the difference in the texture via side by side comparison.

Buttercream tinted three shades of yellow
Fresh mango slices

Wasn't pleased with the taste of the cake overall (because of the dense mango cake), so won't be posting up a recipe. However, it was my time experimenting with an ombré design, so decided to share the photos just for the fun of it. Gonna try more ombré colours next time! :)

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