Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dancing Crab

I was on course for the past week, and it's been really nice, being away from the office (the shorter hours are a bonus too!). When I'm away from the office, it just makes me use social platforms lesser, cos I don't access it mindlessly when I'm at work, and even when I get home, I don't really really switch on the laptop too. It's nice to take a short break from social media once in a while.  And from that, I mean my most frequently used media platforms - Instagram, Facebook, Blogger and Twitter (in that order of usage).

But, yeah, I was reminded of my promise (to self) to blog more to finish my backlogs. So, here's a really great seafood place I've been to last year, twice.

 Dancing Crab (Combo bag #1)

I love seafood. Especially crabs and lobsters. So, when I saw this seafood restaurant popping up in my Instagram feed, and checked the geotag location, I was like "YAY". Turf City. It's pretty near my house (fine, relatively near).

Ice lemon tea
Dancing Crab? More like Dancing Fire here...
Flaming moonshine tiger prawns
Alaskan king crab legs in garlic butter sauce

On my first visit, my girlfriends and I polished off the entire tableful of food. We were licking our fingers clean after the meal in fact. The dishes were all very flavourful. We especially loved the garlic butter sauce we had for the crab legs that we swiped the fries (that came with the lobster rolls) into the garlic butter sauce. As for the spicy sauce we had with the crabs, we downed the iced lemon teas eagerly to cool us down after all that heat. I liked the lobster roll as well, the roll was nicely buttered, and the amount of lobster was quite decent for the price.

Truffle fries
Crab cakes
Lobster rolls

On my second visit during Christmas last year, my friends and I ordered the combo bag #1 (crab, prawns, mussels, potatoes, corn, sausage) with the garlic butter sauce, truffle fries, crab cakes and lobster rolls.

The garlic butter sauce was oilier than I had remembered, but the garlicky taste of it was still very good. The truffle fries were pretty yums, and we snacked on it quite happily (while sort of neglecting the plain ones that came with the lobster rolls ha). I didn't quite like the crab cakes though. I found the crab cakes too greasy for my liking, that I couldn't really taste the crab properly. Iced lemon teas were as refreshing as I remembered, we all ordered a round (or two) of it.

Service was great the first time I was there. It was on a weekday (non-festive period), the place was not 100% packed, and the staff were pretty attentive and responded quickly. The second time I was there, although it was a weekday too, it was the festive period (Christmas), and the place was really packed and noisy. The service was okay, but it took the staff much longer to react (for instance when we ordered additional drinks, it took quite a while before the drinks arrived on our table). 

Sigh. Craving seafood now as I'm typing. I would love to try more seafood places! Now, if only my wallet and cholesterol level would agree to the idea too. 

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