Friday, November 21, 2014

Aussie 2013: Melbourne Mart 130

Was on sick leave for the past two days, and I really should be in bed now cos it's back to work tomorrow. Damn but I really do hate being sick.

Following my previous Brighton Beach post, I thought that I could share what we ate earlier that morning before we made our way down to the beach. Melbourne has no shortage of good eats, and we visited a few interesting spots during our vacation. One of them has got to be Mart 130.

 Mart 130

Mart 130 is actually a cafe at a tram stop. How cool is that. Just hop onto Tram 96 from the City (towards St Kilda), and stop at Tram stop no 130 (thus the name) at Middle Park, Melbourne. And no need to walk any further, for tadah, you've arrived at your destination. Taking the words 'right at your door step' literally. And before you think that's cool, 'Mart' is also the word for 'Tram' spelt the opposite way. Mindblown at how totally cool the cafe is? ;)

The cousin and I don't mind starting our days (phew), so we had planned to stop by early in the morning for breakfast before making our way next to Brighton Beach.

We shared the mushrooms poached eggs on polenta with truffle hollandaise, and mart corn fritter stack with bacon and tomato relish. The food at Melbourne cafes were definitely a standard above the typical Singaporean cafes. No typical boring regular waffles, or big breakkie (not to say they don't offer such fare). Most cafes have their own signature dishes and I like how you get to taste different stuff wherever you might go. For instance, it was my first time trying polenta (not as bad as I thought it would be), and corn fritters (interesting savoury dish).

I also love how they had a huge stack of magazines (updated ones) avail that you could just grab to flip through over breakfast. If I recall correctly, they had a pretty decent selection of food mags (woohoo!). The place is pretty popular, it only looks empty in my photos cos remember, I went there early when they were at most one or two tables filled. By the time we were done with our food, it was drizzling slightly, and the place was pretty much bustling. So get there early!

Mart 130
Address:107A Canterbury Road, Middle Park, VIC 3206
Directions: Hop onto Tram 96 (towards St Kilda) and stop at Tram stop no 130.
Tel: (03) 9690 8831
Opening hours: 7.30am - 3pm daily

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