Sunday, August 31, 2014

Aussie 2013: Brissy

I'll always have a soft spot for Brisbane. After Cairns, we popped by our ol' city for a quick catch up with friends through old favourites and new joints.

 Riverfest 2013, Brisbane

We timed our trip so that we would be able to catch Riverfest (a Brisbane annual event with fireworks). I'm not very skilled at shooting fireworks, or basically nightlife of any sort. I've picked through the selection and deemed these photos passable to share. Hurhur.

Hong Depot
Address: 193 Melbourne St South Brisbane, QLD 04101
Nearest train station: South Bank
Opening Hours: Mon to Wed 1130am-10pm; Thur to Sat 1130am-11pm; Sun 1130am-10pm
Phone: 07 3846 1443

After the fireworks, we walked over from Southbank where we had camped to watch the fireworks, to West End for some grub. The girl pals recommended this new Korean BBQ joint, Hong Depot.

After stuffing ourselves with food and alco, we then walked back to the city for some dessert. Hey, it was spring when we visited. It's somewhat understandable that appetites are good in cold weather ya.

Matcha pat-bingsoo
A Night In India

A Night In India
Address: Shop 3, 58 High St Toowong, QLD 4066
Nearest train station: Toowong
Opening Hours: 4pm - 10pm daily; lunch on Fridays only 11.30am - 230pm
Phone: 07 3217 7955
To try: naan (my fave is garlic or butter), biryani, mughlai chicken, butter chicken)

We met up with some other friends at Toowong for an old favourite of mine. This Indian place was right below my cousin's old place, and we love the food there. Especially the naan. Authentic Indian food with a wide selection of stuff. The food was consistently good, and my cousin said she used to order takeaway sometimes for her dinner when she was lazy to cook. Two thumbs up!

Best naan ever
Sushi Train, Harbourtown Gold Coast

Another old favourite whenever we drove to Harbourtown for shopping. We always stop at Sushi Train for lunch prior to shopping and this was my absolute fave. It's like some tonkatsu roll topped with crunchy stuff (tempura batter?). My cousin on the other hand, love the fried salmon skin sushi here.

Newsroom Cafe
Address: 1 High St Toowong, QLD 4066
Nearest train station: Toowong
Phone: 07 3871 1577

I had not tried the Newsroom Cafe though I must have walked by it a dozen times or so in the past. We met a family friend there for brunch and the food was actually pretty good I must say. A gripe was that all our poached eggs were fully cooked when it arrived at our table. Our friend spoke to the staff and we had all of our eggs replaced subsequently. The other two girls eggs were perfectly runny, but mine was still cooked. :( I was lazy to send it back again so I just scarfed down my (cooked meh) egg. I had the sweet potato hash cakes and I loved the smashed avo. I used to hate avocados, but has recently started liking it in recent years. It's such an Aussie thing to include avo in brunch plates and it is really quite yums.

Eggs ben with salmon
The Big Breakfast
Sweet Potato Hash Cakes

Hmmm, it seems like I spent my time eating non-stop in Brisbane didn't I? Well, there's nothing much for me to sightsee since I had spent my uni days there. I doubt I'll be back anytime soon again. Brisbane is a kinda laidback city (as compared to say Melbourne and Sydney), and there's nothing much to do after 5pm when the shops close. I'd rather head to Melbourne (with the bustling city pace and numerous brunch/coffee joints!) again if I were to visit Aussie in future. I'm still sorting through my Melbourne pictures, so that will be next up for my travelogue posts.

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