Friday, January 17, 2014


I dined out at plenty of restaurants last year. Some were good, some were bad. Some were average, and some were spectacular. More often than other, I usually lug along my DSLR as I never know when the meal might be so good that I might want to share it here with you guys. I've decided in 2013, that instead of posting about every place I've been to (which will take up too much work on my hands), I'll focus on featuring only those that I feel taste the best (or if there's something that I like about the place.

Tajimaya was one of the better restaurants I'd been to in 2013. In fact, I visited it like twice (and I don't normally patronize such *coughs* pricy establishments regularly). That should show how much I love the food there.


For my first visit there, we got the Tajimaya Wagyu Beef Set Menu. There were four types of Wagyu on the platter - the Hire, the Jo-Rosu, the Karubi and the Rosu. When the platter arrived on my table, I can't remember it now, but I reckon I probably paused to admire it with a *probably* lovestruck expression. Just look at that. The marbling! The fresh redness of the meat! The uber thin slices! Man.

A few months later after my first visit, I visited the place again for their weekend BBQ buffet. Why hello there again my love. Top notch quality beef as per my first visit. You could order various meats like pork, chicken, seafood and vegetables for the BBQ buffet, but guess what we did...

Of course we must order the good stuff right. Plates and plates of various beef cuts. Can't exactly remember what was what already in these pictures. All I can say is, if in doubt, just order one of everything. It's a buffet remember? You can't go wrong when everything is sooooo good. Then if you can stomach more, you can order seconds (or thirds, or how ever many servings you can finish) of what you like the best.

I know the quality of the above photos are not very good, sorry folks. As I said before, I do bring my camera out most of the times. But somehow, during my first visit, it was dinner time, and I was having some problem with the DSLR that night, so I used my iPhone to quickly snapped some shots. And in second visit, I didn't thought to bring my camera as I was heading out for a movie after. *face palms*

I would totally recommend Tajimaya if you are a beef lover. But probably only for special occasions, or when you want to splurge cos really, it's not that cheap. In fact, I realised that places that serve good quality meats all tend to have premium prices anyway. I actually visited an even better Japanese BBQ place in the later part of 2013 (I didn't thought that anything could top Tajimaya, but I was proven wrong...). That shall be for another post though.


  1. Wow this looks super good... Must try when I'm back next. I'm crazy bout beef. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. ha, we should do a meet up when you're back if you're keen! haha. :)

  3. THAT BE SO COOL. :D I was thinking about it last time I was back but didn't have the balls to ask. HAHA. We totes should!! Will look you up when I'm back next.


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