Monday, October 07, 2013

Penny University

Ello! I'm back from the vacation. The (almost) two weeks in Aussie have flew by in a rush, and before I knew it, I landed back in Singapore again. Loads to share, but first of all, here's a quick post to (try) clear my backlogs. A few friends have recommended Penny University, and I finally managed to pay the East side cafe a visit some time before my vacation.

 Penny University

Skinny Flat White

I definitely found the drinks to fare much better than the food here. Coffees were decent, and the chai latte and hot chocolate were also pretty good.

Croissant and banana bread

Hot choco
Hot choco + Chai steamer; Turkish eggs; Savoury waffles with smoked salmon
French toast

It could be just the fact that I've cafe hopped just a tad too much, but I thought that the food was only average. My friends had raved about how good the place was, thus perhaps my expectations for the place were higher somehow. But that aside, it is worth mentioning that the food prices here are pretty much inexpensive as compared to other brunch spots. Penny seems to be a very popular brunch spot as it was crowded on the weekend I popped by. I wouldn't travel so far again for Penny as I live in the West, but if you live in the East, it would be a nice place to check out for some drinks.

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