Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Here are some quick snapshots of how the festive season has been so far through my iPhone. I find that it is so much easier to upload photos from there instead of my camera cos I'll already have done all the photo editing on my phone anyway when I upload on Instagram/Facebook.

First gift exchange of the year on 15 Dec 2012

High tea at Fosters with some girlfriends...
 ...where we had an impromptu gift exchange! :D
Gift exchange with the Junior College buddies
 Brunch at my girlfriend's place where I made Sangria (future upcoming post!)
 Feasting on turkey
 More presents!

I decided to make my own handmade goodies for my colleagues this year. Thus I narrowed it down to three items. 

Item 1 - chocolate cherry coconut almond granola being. 
Item 2 - Rose and cranberry crackies.
Item 3 - Chocolate sables.

 Dried roses petals where I spent 2.5 hours peeling...

 Everything all baked and ready to be packed
 Individually packed and labelled
 Gifts for the colleagues

Top L to R - Gifts from the colleagues; A really awesome ring box; Accessories I received; Food related items I received

With regards to Christmas presents, I think I'm quite an easy person to buy a gift for. Just buy me anything related to food, fashion or cameras. This year, I received several items that are quite useful and also very "me". Love all the accessories I've gotten this year. My friends know me well indeed cos I'm currently in a statement accessories phase. 

As for the food related items...I love all them, really I do! But. Erm, I have all of the above already. Whoops. I just ordered a cake pop baking kit recently online (which have yet to arrive), and as for the book, I got myself a copy of the exact book a few weeks back, and I received a chocolate fondue set too for one of my last year's gift exchange. Nevertheless, I'm happy to get all of them cos it means my friends really do know me well. I mean there can never be too much of anything yes? I'll make sure to put everything to good use. :)

Then again, next year's note to myself: Do NOT buy anything for myself in the Christmas month. Just in case you know, someone is planning to get it for me too...Haha!


  1. LOL. I`m always scared of that happening, so I just tell my friends and family what I buy myself.

  2. haha i'll be sure to do that next year. :D

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