Thursday, December 08, 2011


For my birthday dinner, I checked out a new Korean restaurant with my Sis, her boyfriend and my cousin. Thank gosh for the Internet, which led me to this gem of a restaurant that was tucked away in the Chinatown area.


The food was really quite good by Singapore's standards. Besides my favourite frequently visited Woori Nara (which I've yet to do it justice by doing a post on it...), the only other Korean restaurant that I've made multiple visits to is Ju Shin Jung. Other than that, I don't really have the chance to try (or like) other Korean restaurants as much as I would like to. Togi is one such place that I wouldn't mind revisiting as some of their dishes were really good.

The place is tiny, and true to the Internet's wise sayings, the place filled up really early in the evening during dinner time, thus it was lucky that we were there at an early time of 6pm.

불고기 (beef bulgogi)

The first dish that was placed on our table was the bulgogi, as we were all starving, we attacked it with gutso. It was sweet and satisfying at the same time, and tasted good with plain white rice. I think my cousin really liked this dish cos she said she ate a lot of it with her bowl of rice.

삼계탕 (ginseng chicken)

The ginseng chicken was next to be served, alongside the seafood pancake too. While I thought that the ginseng chicken was good (by Singapore's standard of course), my Sis had two thumbs up for this. We were divided in our views - I thought that the true blue Korean version (read about it here) was the best I've ever eaten, while my Sis thought that this was even better.

The seafood pancake was also delicious, crispy on the edges, and packed full with lots of seafood ingredients. It tasted good even when it had cooled down quite a bit as the pancake didn't develop a soggy texture or anything.

해물전 (seafood pancake)
짜장면 (jjajangmyun - black bean paste noodles)

I've been craving for jjajangmyun ever since coming back from Korea. The noodles were the last to arrive on our table, and I reckon that it must have been a restaurant specialty as I when I looked around, almost every table had a bowl of this dish. While the sauce was yummy, I didn't really enjoy the noodles texture as I was mentally comparing them to the bowl of noodles I had in Korea. Tsk. My trip to Seoul this year has really spoilt my tastebuds for Korean food locally.

It was a really sumptuous meal and I definitely recommend this place for dinner. Parking can be quite a pain in the ass as there were limited lots on that street, so we parked a few streets away and walked there. Oh, and do arrive early to grab seats!

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  1. the sea food pancake looks so yummy, now I must hit my nearest Korean restaurant to check out their menu.


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