Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bonheur Patisserie

I'm currently holiday-ing and (hopefully) enjoying myself while I take my vacation...

I took an extra day of leave the day before I was due to fly off to S. Korea. The reason being I had tons to plan and pack and since my flight was at 1am in the morning on Tuesday, I thought heck, I need an extra day off to reward myself for staring at the computer for two days straight planning my holiday itinerary.

I had to run quite a few errands that day - popping by Chinatown to change money, grab a quick lunch, buy socks and some other holiday necessities and more. I managed to pop by Duxton Road to check out a new patisserie for a quick tea-time break too...

Bonheur Patisserie at 70 Duxton Road

Love the shop deco - it was simple and clean, with white being the overall theme for the walls, furniture and deco props. As it was a weekday afternoon, we were the only customers in the shop. Perfect.

All the desserts look great, and Sis and I ordered a dessert and drink each to share (they have a set deal). We got the Chocolate Earl Grey Cake and Chocolate Hazelnut Tart.

Chocolate Earl Grey Cake; Pretty Paris prop; Mooncakes

The cake comprised of the following layers - Earl Grey infused Milk Chocolate Mousse, Earl Grey infused Creme Brulee, Raspberry Jelly and Sacher Sponge (according to the website). Sis and I both enjoyed the cake (rare for Sis since she's not much of a cake person). The earl grey tones in the mousse were evident, although I couldn't really tell there was a creme brulee layer until I came back to check online. Sis was feeling full from lunch, so she really appreciated the raspberry jelly sandwiched in between as the tartness helped to cut through an otherwise sweet treat.

Chocolate Hazelnut Tart (or is Valrhona Chocolate Tart?)

I'm not too sure of the name of the tart, but the website quoted a tart that tasted quite like the one I had - Alpaco Ganache with Candied Orange and Caramelized Hazelnuts with a layer of Hazelnut Cream. I didn't really taste any candied orange in the tart (though the shop assistant did point that out when I asked her about the tart components). I really really liked the tart cos the ganache was just right, and it was really smooth and also, thank got, not overly cloying sweet. Love the hazelnut-ty flavours brought out by the crunchy hazelnuts and caramelised hazelnuts in the hazelnut cream. The tart had a shiny finish of gold lustre pearl powder on top that made it as pretty as it tasted.

Our drinks were mediocre - I had the iced yuzu tea (which was nice, but nothing special), and Sis had a black coffee (it didn't have enough body to it). Well, it is afterall a desserts place, so it's not a big issue for me.

I was speaking to the owner, and she mentioned their current mooncakes promotion. I recommend dropping by the store as they actually offer sampling! Sis was full, she didn't try any, while me? Desserts are my forte, so I tried their strawberry balsamic and bergamot ones (their flavours are inspired by their actual cakes flavours!). The samples I tried were pretty good and the flavoured lotus fillings were not too sweet, which I liked. I was tempted to try all of them, but I didn't want to appear too much like a greedy pig, so sadly, I stopped at two. ;)

I can't wait to come back and try the other cakes. The strawberry balsamic and green tea mousse cakes were in store and they looked really yummy. I also want to try the peach mousse cake and sweet potato tart, which were not available when I went that day.


  1. i like Bonheur as well. the desserts are pretty good, for me at least. Looks like they keep changing the decor on their creations. The chocolate tart I had came with a chocolate-lavender macaron. i'll try to do a review soon as well. once i get a few things cleared out of the way.:)

  2. oh they start selling mooncakes too! i love their dome shape peach and sakura cake. it's a lovely place :)

  3. hmm... I swear that I left a comment here yesterday but its doesnt seem to be showing. I like Bonheur too and the fact that its operated by folks who are serious and sincere about their business.

    The chocolate tart I had about a month ago looked slightly different from theone you had, mine has a chocolate-lavender ganache macaron on it and the bits of orange rind was really pronounced.

  4. i saw yr comment and approved it! i just got back from my hol and checked it on my comp and it was stated as unapproved :/

    anw, bonheur seems like a pretty good place so far isnt it? cant wait so see ur review on their desserts when u have the time! ;)

  5. mmm I can't wait to go to Singapore in October. Am so planning an all out desserts indulging trip :O ..

  6. cool! be sure to add bonheur and kki to your list! :)

  7. u tried the peach and sakura? lucky u! what else did u try? any more recommendations?


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