Monday, April 04, 2011

Matcha chestnut macarons

I had leftover chestnut puree that I had froze when I made the chestnut mont blanc. As I don't like to hoard things in the freezer for too long, I was thinking hard on how to use the chestnut puree...

Matcha macarons with chestnut buttercream

I thought, maybe I could do a chestnut macaron! Concurrently, there were also egg whites in the fridge, so I aged them for a couple more days, and I decided to make matcha shells, and a chestnut buttercream to pair with it for a Japanese themed macaron.

I used an Italian buttercream recipe, and added vanilla, dark rum (mmmmm), and the defrosted chestnut puree (I zapped it in the microwave for coupla seconds). I think I made the buttercream a little too moist (perhaps too much rum? heh...) and the matcha shells turned soggy quite fast. I'll probably have to adjust the proportions of chestnut puree + dark rum used in the recipe the next time I make it (of course I'll make it again, it was good!).

And it's the first time my attempt at matcha macaron shells turned out so good. I always had a problem with the feet being super uber flat - see here and here. Super pleased with the results. See? I zoomed in up close and personal with them just to show them off: 

No flat feet for the matcha shells. For once! ^^
Close up of the macaron innards.

Oh, and besides the chestnut buttercream, I also added chopped chestnuts (the same Korean packaged ones I used before for the the mont blanc). So, all I did was, lay out the macaron shells, pipe a generous dollop of chestnut buttercream on half of them, add a piece of chopped chestnut on the buttercream, and press down the other half of the macaron shells.

Flavour combo was damn addictive. Though the buttercream made the shells soggy real quick, I like how the flavour combination together worked. Matcha and chestnut can never go wrong, it's like a fail-proof Japanese combination that is bound to work. The boozy buttercream was *ahem* yums, and the chestnut in the middle provided a little of texture to the overall bite. Now that's another flavour off my to-do list. More to come! (:


  1. I love chestnuts! I've been seeing a lot of mac photos/posts lately and it's really making me itch to try them. Especially this matcha chestnut combo looks killer. Also glad to see your matcha seems to impart a similar color as mine does :).

  2. all your recipes and photoshooting :) this matcha chestnut macarons are lovely. Well done ! By the way I have tried out your passion fruit ice cream and it turned out lovely. I have posted it on my blog and linked you .Thanks for sharing so many wonderful recipes here.


  3. xiaolu: yeah, i think im seriously way addicted to these lil buggers too much for my own gd. (:
    elin: thanks! glad tt u like the ice cream, it's my fave homemade flavour so far! :)

  4. you'd got feet, gal! haha looking great!

    when I read the caption, i'd thought you'd made PH's Macaron Sarah, which uses the same combi. So temping to make these soon!

  5. Hey babe! Is it possible to share this macaron recipe? Im still trying to find the correct recipe for ages and yet to come across one which I really liked, and yours caught my attention and would gladly like to give it a try if you are willing to share =) Thanks!


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