Thursday, May 06, 2010

Banana buttermilk pancakes and coffee

Hot coffee and pancakes

It's a brand new chapter. What best to start off with a good hearty breakfast? I had buttermilk in the fridge, it was supposed to be for a lazy weekend pancakes breakfast, but when I was baking some muffins over the weekend to store in the freezer, I was half-way through the food prep before I realised that we had ran out of milk. -.- Luckily, buttermilk came to the rescue, and since I didn't want it to remain open too long in the fridge after I opened it, I decided to make the pancakes in advance. I had bananas lying around, so yeah, I sliced some up and added them when the batter was in the pan.

A healthy dose of maple syrup (think we can omit the butter in this case yes? The calories...) on the stack of pancakes, brew up some coffee, and I was all set to face the day.

I took a break from coffee after my last job, but I foresee a reunion with it now that work's started again. Here's to caffeine and new beginnings.

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  1. the sock!! u really made coffee using that? :D i've never tried buttermilk before, always substituting like 1 cup of evap milk + 1 tbsp vinegar whenever buttermilk is called.


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