Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cookie monster

The first couple of weeks I started my internship, I made different cookies to bring to work to share and snack on. After that, I wisened up and left out baking cookies for fear of sitting all day and growing fat munching on cookies. snorts.

Anyway, I re-made these lime melts (previously lemon melts), but somehow they are starting to lose their appeal to me (probably cos of the layer of powdered sugar on the outside that made them all sugary sweet). They are still nice though. In small doses.

Limes; Grated lime zest

I was sifting through cookie recipes, wanting to try out new flavours other than variations of chocolate chip OR double chocolate cookeis. smirks. Then I latched onto the idea of cranberry white chocolate chip combo and I just went crazy searching for one recipe that could sound good. I thought I found one, with oats included too for that teeny health quota, and happily set about doing them. The end results were defintely waaaaaaaay off my thumbs up gradient.

These were cakey-like cookies, with more of an oatmeal taste to it than any other taste. I don't taste the cranberry, nor the white chocolate chips. They weren't even sweet! Drats.

But well, I brought them to work and my colleagues seem to fancy these, they were gone (without me munching more than five in the huge container) pretty soon. Lol. Perhaps different tastebuds...

White chocolate chips, cranberries and rolled oats

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