Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Seckel Pear Tarts

Upon looking at this, I was so tempted to make something similar straight away. However, there was just this one tiny little problem. I couldnt find special pears in the supermart. All I could see were the normal plain old green Bartletts and the brown Korean/China pears.

Well. I was not that out of luck. It so happens that pears are seasonal (so are most fruits actually, you would say, and yes I know), and they are in season during the later part of the year. So when I actually saw a variety of USA pears in the supermart a month ago, boy was I delighted.

I was debating on which type to get, the Bosc? Green Anjou? Red Anjou? There was just no competition when my eyes found these...

Seckel pears

They are damn freakin' cute! Miniature pears, roughly half the size of a normal pear, they were irresistable to me. (:

Seckel pears; Pears pate feuilletee; Vanilla poached pears

I didn't follow the recipe exactly. I cheated by using store bought pate feuilletee and I tweaked the frangipane by adding grand marnier instead of the dark rum. Still, these babies tasted pretty awesome when they were outta the oven. When they cooled down, the puff pastry got a bit soggy (if you get what I mean). But nothing a little toasting in the oven can't help. I just heat up the leftovers the next day in the oven and they were all crispy again. Hooray.

The Sister didn't like puff-pastry-anything, so I only made a few mini tarts, and just let her eat the remaining vanilla poached pears just like that. She loves pears, so she thought they were pretty good. *phew*

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