Saturday, August 08, 2009

Peach galettes

It should be peaches season currently, for I had been spying all these lovely pink round fruits in the local supermarts since a few weeks back. As I was busy baking other goodies, I made a note to get some peaches while they are available to make a peach dessert.

Last week, my dad bought back some lusciously looking white peaches, and after the few days of offering to the gods, the peaches were finally ready for consumption. A slight rinse later, I took one and took a smell. Oh my. Peaches have this really intoxicating scent that I really like. In fact, if I could, I probably would love to perfume myself with all the natural fruits smells such as - lemon sugar, peaches, strawberries, honeydew, grapefruit, raspberries... it's a never ending list of how many fruits I actually love. In fact, I'm currently using Body Shop's Raspberry Body Butter (smells so much like the real thing that I feel hungry whenever I apply it. Ha!).

Back to the peaches, since I knew there were some in the house, I prepared some dough, which recipe called for lemon zest (I know! I mean, lemon zest? The recipe totally screamed my name...) and prepped it in the fridge while I waited patiently for dad to give the okay for eating the peaches. When the go-ahead was given, I already knew what I was going to make - peach galettes.

Insides of a peach is oh-so-pink.

Rolling out the dough, slicing the peaches thinly and placing in the middle of the dough, a slight sprinkling of sugar, pinching the sides together, a cut of butter atop, and it was ready for the oven. Easy peasy recipe that produced a sweet treat within a short period of time. Just in time for a lazy afternoon snack during the weekend, while chilling out watching videos with the sister.

When I removed the galettes from the oven, the peach juices, together with the melted butter and sugar were bubbling excitedly. It made me all excited too just to see those bubbly bits bubbling happily away and I made a lunge for my camera. I tried to snap some shots of the bubbly juices, but once out of the oven, it took mere seconds to bubble a few times more before the juices settled contently down. By then, my camera only captured the dessert with the quiet juices being all sedated and all. Darn.

Small floral artificial bouquet from Jia ages ago; sprinkling of sugar on the galettes; more peaches.
Crunchy tart + Sweet juicy fruit = Enjoyment.

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