Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pictures 13


Lemon bars and brownies made about two weeks ago for well, Fiona's birthday.

210808 bento: Inari sushi, tomatoes, broccoli, miso chicken

220808 bento: Furikake rice, broccoli, grilled salmon and loads of water. I borrowed the interesting book from the library, but a pity I couldn't finish it in time before the due date...
Berries custard tarts which were so easy to make using frozen puff pastry. Simple dessert ready in less than half an hour (could be).

280808 bento: Beef rolls, steamed veg, bean sprouts, basmati rice and tomatoes
Woo Aa's friend bought her a big strawberry shortcake. We all had a slice. yums.
290808 bento: Brown rice, beef rolls, strawberries and orange.
Ingredients in making...?
Here's a clue...matcha powder...
Matcha cookies. (: For Silvia's 22nd.

I think I'm getting into that whole "k-let's-find-suitable-props-and-bg-deco-to-match-the-food-to-snap-pictures" mode.
It's lucky how the house has these petite elegant teacups and matching saucers. Jasmine tea and matcha cookies shaped in poker- card shapes.


One of my favourite shots. What do you think?

030908 lunch: Canned salmon, tomato, butter lettuce on nine grains bread

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