Saturday, July 31, 2010

Short getaway

I can't wait! My first trip to Bintan ever! In less than twelve hours. Jumps around excitedly.

Milk + Cookie crumbs

I made these checkerboard cookies a month ago for one of my girlfriend's birthday. I've made these cookies a couple of times before, the first being here, for Christmas two years ago, and another occasion, here, for my friends' graduation. These cookies look really pretty, and I am a sucker for pretty things. I tried my hand at the recipe from Baking Obsession, which was really good cos she gave totally detailed steps. It's a recipe I come back time and time again, not only because it looks good (and makes your friends totally impressed), but it actually tastes really yummy too. Of course, my cookies are not as perfectly shaped as hers, but I'd like to think that my skills have improved each time i make them. ;)

The cookies are very buttery, and it's not complicated to make these if you have the patience to shape the cookie dough. I gave up trying to wrap the nine logs within a border, and just decided to omit that step. I think it looks nicer that way, kinda rustic looking since I had to snip off the edges of some cookies that expanded during the baking.

Jagged rough cookie edges

I'd better go throw around my things into my duffel bag. I'm so not yet fully packed for the trip and I have ensure that I rest well tonight for a fun weekend ahead with the girls. Ciao!


  1. they're lovely! i tried my hand at these cookies too and like you, i felt like i was improving each time.

  2. those look super cute and yum! what a wonderful blog you have!

  3. HI..may i know where did u get the milk???

  4. hey i used meiji milk and poured it into a separate bottle, are u talking about the milk bottle?


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