Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rose and cranberry cookies

Well, I'm still feeling a bit under the weather. I spent my whole Saturday doing some me stuff. I went shopping alone! It's been so long since I last did that. I was out hunting for a suit for work, but alas, I didn't find what I was looking for. Probably cos of the crowds in town, and my flu, I was a bit tired to really put more effort into my search.

Anyway, before the flu medication I took kicks in, I'm gonna share some crackies (cookies) pictures with you guys.

Rose and cranberry cookies

Dried rose buds

When I saw the  recipe, I bookmarked it immediately cos it looked and sounded so enchanting. It brings to mind English tea, floral settings and Victorian tea pots and cups. So when I finally got myself some dried rose buds, I immediately knew what was in store for them. But oh man, peeling these pretty dainty buds were not an easy task. By the end of peeling one and half cups of these rose buds, my fingernails were sore. :(

Cookies crumbs; Tea and cookies

The result was worth it though. The dough was easy to handle, no worries about too overmixing or anything. I was discussing with  Evan about the flavours, and I decided to add some lychee essence to the cookies. But what I didn't foresee was that I had to rinse the flower petals first before soaking them in the tablespoon of water. Thus, I added the essence first, then backtracked to rinse the buds, effectively rinsing away the essence I had added. Sigh. But, oh, the flavour of these crackies...

Look at those dried rose buds...

Verdict? I love these cookies. So much that I just had to share them with whoever I could grab hold of. And I brought them into the office just to share them to prevent myself from finishing all of them myself. Everyone thought they were pretty yums. Even my dad, who normally pronounce my baking goods "sweet", said these were nice as they weren't sweet! Lovely.

I think what's lacking is a stronger rose flavour. Even though I was a bit worried about the amount of dried roses the recipe require (it seemed alot!), I needn't worry. The rose flavour was practically indiscernible. The texture is perfect, more like "crackies", than cookies. Allie just made them last week, and she added 1/2 teaspoon of rose essence. The rose flavour was really more obvious, but I think I'll probably add like 1/4 teaspoon of rose as I like the flavour to be just teasing the taste buds and no more than that. (:

Anyway, I am so looking forward to making osmanthas flavoured crackies. At first, I didn't have any dried  osmanthas and was scouting everywhere for them. Now, I have like three packs of osmanthas. Don't ask how. Haha. Overload of dried osmanthas means more osmanthas desserts? (:


  1. oh your rendition looks so lovely! i especially like the tea, a very nice touch :) i didn't soak the rose buds or whatever with water, i thought its a pretty redundant step. i just added 1 tbsp or so of cold water into the dough, followed by 1 tsp rose essence. the essence was really quite strong so i got this really nice scent but not too overpowering. but if i hv the money i'd really like to use nielsen massey's rosewater lor haha

  2. haha thanks evan! so no need to wash the rose buds meh? not dirty ah? lol. nielsen massey rosewater is special rosewater? v exp ah? haha i have a bottle of cheap rosewater lol.

  3. need to wash meh? normally even if u make rose tea you'll just pour boiling water and steep like that rite? u mean u give it a rinse 1st? lol i don't lor. wouldn't it be soggy if u rinse it 1st especially since u r making cookies?

  4. hmmm. ha. ok. i was being silly then. cos aft peeling there were so many little brown specks all over the place and i keep thinking the mixture is dirty so must like wash it. meh. next time i won't! one step less hoho.

  5. Hello! These sound really awesome! Do you have the recipe for this? (:


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