Friday, July 09, 2010

Wishing I had some lemony goodness now

This week has been a total mad week for me.

Tuesday - client meeting, dinner with girlfriends to celebrate belated birthday.
Wednesday - client meeting, boss's surprise birthday lunch @ Manna, movie date with Jos
Thursday - event 3pm - 11pm (ended early at 830pm! phew.)
Friday - event 715am - 330pm.

It's no wonder with all these late nights, and early mornings, and the feel of the rushing here and there, that I'm falling sick now. It started with an itchy throat on Thursday, then the throat and a migraine today, which then developed into sorta flu like symptoms after the event. I was feeling so horrible I took a cab home after the event cos I just wanted to get home and rest.

I was downing Korean Yuzu tea and barley water these two days to cool my body down. I made raspberry ice-cream, cos I wanted to use up my leftover cream from a dessert I made last week. At first, I wasn't going to eat it, cos I'm sorta sick, I was just going to get my Sis to try before she flies off to the US of A tomorrow morning :( But she was like, eat lar, it's cooling anyway. Me, being the very obedient sister I am, (heh), complied. ;) But only a small cup though. Mmmmmm.

Anyway, citrus is good for me right now, and it's no wonder I'm looking at these pictures and thinking "I need my dose of citrus now!"

Triple lemon (lime) cake

Cakes; Grating limes and lemons

The recipe has been in my archives for the longest time ever (that and so many others...). I had a friend's birthday coming up (this was in May), and she was a fan of limes, so I integrated some lime zest and juice into the cake to make it lemony limey. ;)

Lemon lime cake

It was supposed to be a "chiffon cake" but, what came out seemed more like a butter sponge cake texture. :( I have never had success with chiffons. How sad. Anyway, like the previous cake I had made, I made a small (6" round) cake, and used the leftovers to form a mini rectangular one for photography to show the innards. (: I thought the decorating for the link was cute so I attempted to recreate it (failing). My sister took a look and immediately said it was ugly. :( Bah. Hope my friend liked it though.

Chocolate lemon tartlets

Initially, when I was making the lemon curd, I thought I would have extra leftovers. So since I had chocolate tart dough leftover from making this, I rolled out the dough into tartlet tins to chill. But when I was making the cake, I realise I barely had just enough and would not have any leftovers. So, what to fill my prepared tartlets rings with? Fine. I'll just dig out another lemon recipe from my recipes pile since yeah, like I mention, long list you know. Hurhur.

Lemony goodness; Plump raspberry adorning the tartlet 
Chocolate tartlets

Like I mentioned previously, the Johnny Iuzzini's chocolate tart dough was quite dry, and after its stint in the freezer for a month, it was sorta drier (but yeah, I sorta overbaked it too la, hehe). But wow, the lemon cream more than made up for it. Look at the above shot of oozing lemon goodness. Sis and her bf both gave the thumbs up for the lemon cream. Heh. Worth it. Now, I'm so happy I'm making progress with my lemon related recipes. Hopefully, this recipe is next in line when I make something lemony again... (: Been eying it for the longest time ever...

It's 11pm! Shucks. And I'm sick. I should be in bed by now! Okay, going to say byebye to my Sis again (she's leaving the house at 5ish-am tomorrow morning I'll be in bed still). Gonna miss her. I wonder how I survived those three months periods of not seeing her when I was in Brissy studying. Not to mention, who's going to fetch me to Dover MRT for me to take the train to work for the two weeks she's going to be gone??? :(


  1. Oooh I love lemons! Been wanting to try the triple lemon cake was it?

    Take care and rest well over the weekend ya? And bear with the extra bus journeys for the time being, your sis will be back soon!

  2. allie: the taste was nice! bt would have been better if the cake was a chiffon lol. which i failed. ;)

    yes im resting. but ytd i went shopping the whole day to try find a suit (and i couldnt find a suitable one!) and prob worsen my flu cos of the germs outside hahah. hopefully i get better by monday! yeaaah, she just emailed me saying she's at farmers market in LA. that lucky thing. so pls pls pls can 2 weeks faster fly past!

  3. OMG 13 pictures in ONE entry and i'm sure more inclusive of the unedited/unwanted ones. this is something i'm so afraid of these days. taking a single pic is already a chore, i can't imagine so really really do hv the stamina!! peifu peifu!!

    sigh, i want some lemon curd right now after reading yr post. didn't realize u hv johnny iuzzini's book too, hv u tried much from there?

    btw the forks u used, i saw the plastic ones!! cannelle et vanille used it before, rather expensive tho', something like 3 pc set (fork, spoon, knife) for US$12!

  4. evan: haha i have tons and tons of photos for each entry, i just select the ones i love, and if i took too many, whooops. ;)

    lemon curd is totally awesome, not counting the fat bomb it actually is haha. oh nope, i dont have that book, i borrowed from the library and scanned the recipes i was interested in. i do that for a lot of baking books heh.

    haha, no la, mine not exp, cheapo. i got the set of four forks from....DAISO. hahaha. (:


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