Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Hatched was another one of those brunch places on my 'to try' list. Sis says she somewhat knows the owner? Apparently the guy used to be from her university or something...

Anyway, we visited the egg lover's paradise and well, it was certainly an egg-citing meal (sorry, can't resist the pun haha).

Hatched - the menu

A Latte to perk you up?
Sir Benedict; Oozy Baked Egg

The 5 of us got quite a big breakfast feast. We ordered two sets of Sir Benedicts (poached eggs with ham on muffins with side salad and mashed potato), two sets of the Usual Suspects (choice of eggs done your way, with sausages OR ham OR bacon, and toast) and one Oozy baked egg (eggs with tomatoes, mushrooms and bacon with melted cheese on the top).

All of us had coffee of course. It's brunch doh. Who sits down to brunch without a latte, a cappuccino or a cup of plain black coffee? ;)

Usual Suspects; Where's Waffle?

And maybe we were feeling hungry that day or something, but at the end, we ordered another two dishes, the waffles and pancakes (both came with maple syrup and vanilla sabayon cream).

The brunch was an okay affair I guess, it would be eye boggling for an egg lover though. Endless choices of eggs done various ways, and the best thing is that breakfast is served all day! Genius. I love the vanilla sabayon cream that accompanied the waffles and pancakes, it was total yum-ness, I practically had to stop myself from licking the plate clean. ;)

Pancake Party with caramalised apples

Gotta run, catching Eclipse later with my cousin who's back from Brissy for the hols! (:

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