Thursday, August 05, 2010

National Day Weekend

It's going to be a long weekend because of the National Day holiday. I can't wait! Lots of foodie plans. ;)

Today - Dinner with the mates at our fave fish soup place.

Saturday - Late brunch/lunch session @ home with Sis and her friends + Macarons making session.

Monday - Korean BBQ (samgyeopsal) at home!!! I'm planning to try my hand at making alot of banchans. Think:

Beansprout side dish
- Dried anchovies side dish
- Cucumber side dish OR Seaweed side dish OR a combination?
- Spinach side dish 
- Fish cake side dish

Not to mention, I'm going to make a fresh batch of kimchi, to make kimchijeon. And what's a Korean feast without some Kimchi??? Oh my god, this is so friggin exciting I can't wait. Wonder if I'll have the stamina to make all the above I've mentioned...We'll see. ;)

Update @ 11.55pm: SO sad. Apparently Monday we gotta "bai bai", meaning the normal Buddhist prayers where we gotta cook up a feast to offer to the deities/ancestors. Meaning I can't have my Korean feast this weekend cos we'll probably have a huge load of food left for dinner. :( Guess samgyeopsal must wait till next week then. Bah. Oh well, I'll just make my kimchi then. Meh.

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