Thursday, January 17, 2013


I like quiet brunch places. One, there is the lack of crowds (that's a self explanatory reason). Two, you can actually carry a (regular decibel) conversation without constantly leaning over to be heard of the din (or just to avoid listening unintentionally to the next table's conversation). Three, it is easier to find parking.

And Nosh happens to fit all of the above mentioned.


Located at Rochester, it is far away from the central brunch dining spots. Parking around the area can be a bit of a hit and miss, depending on your luck at times cos there is a car park there, but with limited lots. The day we went, it was pouring, and we managed to snag the last avail lot.

As mentioned, since it was pouring heavily that morning, the place was empty, save for another table. The space was gorgeous in the daylight, I imagine that it would be even prettier at night for dinner if you are heading there with a bunch of girlfriends as it has quite comfy lounge areas.

The food was good, but skip the coffee please. It does not serve specialty coffee (think it's more of a Nespresso machine kind cuppa) and the cup that I ordered was really bad that I left more than half of it untouched. In fact, we went to another place for coffee after that just to get our caffeine fix.

Buttermilk pancakes

The pancakes were quite alright and fluffy, and they served it alongside this yummy cinnamon butter. We couldn't stop talking about the butter. Like seriously. I think it's just some ground cinnamon mixed into softened butter, but it makes a helluva difference from plain ol' butter.

Crabcake Benedict; Smoked Salmon Benedict

I'm actually not much of an eggs benny kind girl. Me? I tend to be the girl who orders sweet stuff for breakkie or brunch (think pancakes or waffles) and be perfectly contented that my meal did not have any protein of any sort. Either that or the big breakfast just because it has everything in it. Whatsmore, the calories in a typical egg benny is quite terrifying to say the least - to those of you out there who are still oblivious - hollandaise sauce is made up of tons and tons of butter, egg yolks, and lemon juice. So essentially, you're consuming quite a few yolks and butter in that one meal alone. Then again, I'm sure there are some of you out there who have your eyes half shut at my comment. Ha! I'm no food snob to totally strike it off, so while I might not order it myself, I don't mind sharing the dish (but I try to remove the sauce first cos I'm really not a fan of the rich taste).

My girlfriends are big fans of eggs benny, so it was to no surprise that we got two of the variations. The crab cake benny in the menu came with a coconut curry hollandaise sauce (which sounded a lil too funky for us), so we requested for the regular hollandaise instead. The eggs were perfectly runny for both dishes. (Psst: I still vote for Spruce's crabcake benny as being the tops.)

French toast was not too bad too, with a refreshing tart berry sauce drizzled over it. I would have liked more of the sauce, but then again, it's personal preference to have more sauce for anything most of the time (isn't it?).

French toast


  1. This place looks so beautiful. It's weird how such a lovely place can only serve "alright" food. LOL. At least the food's not bad!

  2. hi the place serves quite good food (just bad coffee lol).


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