Monday, January 21, 2013

Bangkok Jam

I realise that I've not been eating out much lately, and when I do, it's to revist past faves most of the times (I mean - there are limited dim sum/brunch places that serve decent fare).

Had dinner a couple months back at this Thai place in town for the first time. And thought that the food was pretty good to write about.

Bangkok Jam

I rarely visit Wheelock Place in town much. I first heard about this place on Whatsapp, when my friends and I were talking about where to eat for dinner. When someone said "bangkok jam" - puzzled me had initially thought 1. why didn't she inform us that she was in Bangkok at the moment, and 2. there was a jam going on (yeah, how obtuse can I get). It took me a while before I realised that it was the name of a Thai restaurant in town.

We were starving at dinner, and everything sound so good on the menu that we were debating on what dishes to order. In the end, we ordered quite a fair bit of food.
Seafood in red tom yum
Thai olive fried rice; Seafood pad thai; Green curry chicken
Grilled chicken with Thai herbs

The mains were all really tasty. The tom yum soup packed a punch with its heat and was generous with the seafood bits. I'm not a fan of green curry, but I couldn't resist the chicken as the chicken pieces were all tender. We managed to polish off all the food (among three girls!) and we even ordered desserts. Amazing feat yes?

Mango sticky rice; Tapioca with coconut milk

The mango sticky rice was scumptious, but the tapioca dish fell flat. Even though it was smothered in the rich creamy coconut milk, the tapioca itself was quite hard and dry. I don't often eat tapioca, but I recall that if done properly, the tapioca should be soft and moist. But overall, we were quite happy with the food served here (aside from the tapioca).

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  1. Ohh, I LOVE Thai food! Oh boy...that mango sticky rice... yumm!


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