Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wang Dae Bak 왕대박

For one of my fave girlfriend's birthday, I gave her a birthday treat. Well, this was a few months ago and I'm only posting about it now. *sheepish grin*

 Wang Dae Bak 왕대박

I had previously came here before with some other friends, but it was full and without any reservations, we didn't get a table. Instead, my friends and I went to Super Star K.


Tanjong Pagar is peppered with quite a number of Korean barbeque places. And majority of them are equipped with the above air filters to "vacuum suck the smelly barbeque air away". Trust me when I say I never think those actually work since whenever I dine at Korean barbeque joints, I always leave with super stinky hair anyway.

This egg being cooked around the barbeque heating element is not something new to me. When I was in Seoul in 2011, I visited a barbeque joint that had similar heating plates. I remember being really amazed by it back then, but now, it's nothing to be wowed about. Ha!

We ordered some beef and pork to share. And I remember clearly overcooking our first batch of meat (probably cos we were distracted talking). But looking back at the photos now, I think the meat quality should be quite good - just look at the bright red colour and marbling on the beef. *whistles* I guess I should head back there again some time soon to verify that it is as good as I think it should be.


What's a barbeque without some beer? Most Korean restaurants in Singapore offer Hite, a Korean beer. It's pretty decent I guess, and a glass of ice-cold beer sure pairs well with a barbeque meal. [Cue sound of "Aaaaaah" after a refreshing sip.]

The place was pretty packed the whole time we were there. The turnover rate for tables was pretty good. There were plenty of Koreans, and locals alike both noshing away. I would certainly recommend this place. Oh it helps that there was a waiter there which both my friend and I agreed was pretty cute. Having an eyecandy waiter around while you dine is a bonus don't you think? ;)

Next, we drove over to Carpenter & Cook for desserts. I couldn't believe the girlfriend has never heard of it (especially since she stays like 2 minutes away from that lane). So I just had to bring her there.

Birthday candle for the birthday girl
Goofing around

We rarely get to have fun goofing off in photos. No thanks to the cafe being quite quiet at night, we actually spent quite some time going crazy with snapshots. So here's cheers to 16 years of friendship (and more). 


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