Saturday, January 05, 2013

Henry Congressional

I managed to drop by the pop up store of Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar before operations shut down on 31 Dec 2012.

 Henry Congressional

In fact, I had visited it way before it was due to close down, back in October. I had plans to revisit again, but I guess time got away from me as usual.

Some would say that it was a daring move to open at the Henry Park Apartments as the property site en bloc news was announced in late 2011. The coffee joint opened in June 2012, and was only open for a short duration of six months.

The place was situated relatively near my office, so one day during lunch, I popped by for a quick cuppa. The place was initially quiet when I sat down. Even where it was not overly crowded, there was quite a trickle of human traffic on the weekday afternoon.

I ordered a latte, as usual. It was pretty decent, though I can't say the same for the chocolate cake (at the back). All in all, it was a pretty good lunch hour spent poring over Epicure and Frankie.

I would want to visit the main store Smitten Coffee & Tea Bar some day (soon I hope). What with the long list of cafes I want to visit...

But till then, adios Henry!  Even though I didn't get to know you well, it was still nice meeting you.


  1. I would have a longgg list of cafes to visit if I lived there too! LOL. Love the vibe of the place.

  2. come visit Singapore some time soon! :D


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