Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Pigeonhole

Here's a pretty nice place, great for drinks and catch up with friends.

The Pigeonhole

I thought that it was quite interesting that they had two drinks that I've never seen on other menus before - the Flat Brown and Brown Latte. What are these two drinks, you might ask. They are just Flat White and Latte, but made using (Meiji) chocolate milk.

My friends and I all ordered the Brown Latte (or was it Flat Brown? I forgot.). Anyway, the drink was slightly sweet - prob cos of the chocolate milk used. In fact, I reckon it probably taste similar to a Mocha, just that it is more chocolate-y than coffee-ish?

Unfortunately, this cafe has since closed (I visited a coupla months back). The indie cafe was known for its support for the arts, and I've read previously that most of the arts industry people - the musicians, artists, writers and so on get together there and share their works through gigs and exhibitions. It closed down due to rental issues, but is looking to open another outlet to resume operations.

I must admit straight up that I'm definitely not an arts person, but is intrigued by the thought of the arts culture. That's prob a reason why I took Mass Comm, and not Business in university. If they do reopen, I might just pop by the place for a look again.

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