Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Movies and muffins

There's been plenty of good movies lately. Not that I'm complaining.

I've watched three movies in two weeks, two of which were watched on consequent days at one shot. I caught the Swedish film, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which was awesome kickass. I heard Hollywood's gonna remake the show? I don't think I'll watch the remake. Like the original is always so much better. Like I mean, look at Hollywood's remake of other foreign films such as the Japanese "The Ring" or the Korean "Il Mare" *coughs*). And also, the American actress they've chosen to play the lead character, Lisbeth, just looks so tame in comparison to the Swedish actress, Noomi Rapace, who was totally totally right for the character. She got herself immersed in the role completely. From a non-smoker, she started smoking ciggies like nobody's business, and those piercings? Real. She is like super unrecognisable from her pre-movie photos. Like I said, kickass. The movie is based on a set of trilogy books, so I can't wait to watch the other two movies when they show. Hmmm. Still thinking if I should read the books...

Superb performance by lead actress, Noomi Rapace

The second show I watched was Aftershock. I was dead set on watching it, but none of my friends seemed to be into that show. I was really desperate and contemplating if I should just go watch it alone, when I asked one of my best buddies if she wanted to watch it with me. She said okay. Boy was I excited. Then another friend chirped up that she would like to join us. Yay. The more the merrier! ;) 

The movie didn't disappoint either. Complete opposite from the previous movie, but great nevertheless. Poignantly sad show though. The show is about this earthquake that happened in China, and two children, twins, are trapped beneath the rubble on opposing ends of a pillar. The mother is presented with the horrible choice of choosing between either child as saving one will kill the other at the opposite end when the rescuers shift the pillar. The mother chose to save the boy in the end, with tears of regret in her eyes that she has to forego her daughter. The girl survives the ordeal though, and the film is about the aftermath of the effects the earthquake had on their lives.

We were late for the movie and entered the cinema I reckon a few minutes after it started. Less than five minutes after we sat down, the earthquake struck. Oh. My. God. Tears inducing (for the weak-hearted). I regretted having dinner before stepping into the cinema man. The scenes oh the scenes. Quite heart wrenching at some scenes, I was blinking furiously to control my tears. The boy seated next to me wasn't that shy with his feelings, he sniffled several times, and once, even removed his glasses to wipe his tears. Ha. Just goes to show how touching the movie was!


As for the third movie, which I caught this week, Inception, which really doesn't need much of an introduction or synopsis. Total mind-fucking I tell you.  I could totally get why some people repeatedly go back to watch the films, not once, not twice but like eight or nine times (as stated in the Straits Times). The tremendously popular show was so good that even after three weeks or so of screening in theatres, I was still seated in the second row. Dang. How did the director get the idea for such a show? Like man. Freaking brilliant genius. This is a show that requires lots (and lots) of thinking. After the show ended, I heard someone exclaim out loud in the theatre, "Huh, that's the end? So what happened exactly?!?" Ha.


Now that I've cleared those shows from my to-watch list. There's still SALT. And Sandcastle...

And, what has muffins got to do with movies? No link absolutely! Just thought to share these pictures of the Bourke Street muffins recipe I tried out (amending it here and there as usual). I'm always on the lookout for new recipes to try, and Sister only likes chocolate-related muffins (I can never get her excited over my Applesauce or Pumpkin muffins. She'll eat them of course, just that she won't be thrilled or anything). So this recipe was a dead ringer to try out. Not bad at all. I mean, chocolate and raspberries? What could go wrong?

Bourke Street bakery muffins
Mixed berries and chopped chocolate; Warm chunks of muffin

Since then, I've made some really chocolatey chocolatey muffins using bananas, raspberries and Valrhona cocoa. I was lazy to take some pictures cos you know, muffins, I get stagnant shots after a while. But they turned out to taste amazing! Hmmm, how do I get pictures out of several frozen muffins I keep in the freezer stash? Good question to think over...


  1. yo girl
    i like The girl with dragon tatoo very much too...Only complain was that some parts of the movie has white subtiltes on white background!

    The Inception was equally mind blowing!


  2. kya kya kya YH nice right the movies? I didn't notice the subtitles thinggie ley haha, too engrossed in the film. (:

  3. yo girl
    i like The girl with dragon tatoo very much too...Only complain was that some parts of the movie has white subtiltes on white background!

    The Inception was equally mind blowing!



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