Saturday, August 21, 2010

Exploring Singapore: Haji Lane

Ever since getting my DSLR, I've always wanted to walk around my lovely little city. The small red dot on the globe that my friends and I are always grumbling "is so boring and there's nothing much to do". As a Singaporean, I'm sure I'm not the only one who never really goes out to explore the sunny island with its numerous small interesting suburbs - ethnic localities, modern architecture, traditional structures and so on.

On weekends when I spend the whole day at home doing nothing but staring at the computer screen surfing net (so much for resting my eyes after a whole week of the computer at work...), I'd think my fat ass will rather thank me for bringing it out for a walk, together with my camera in hand. Exploring Singapore seems a pretty fun idea for boring weekends, and what's more it can be counted as a form of exercise since you'll be walking alot for a few hours to learn new things about the small red dot.

Haji Lane. The well known artsy to go place for any respectable fashion junkie who likes quirky, off-beat designs from local designers (or to check out the brick and mortar shops of the ever ubiquitious Sg blogshops peppering the websphere). Sis and I went there a couple of months ago just to check out the area (think Haji Lane and surrounding streets) and to snap some photos. The pictures were languishing away inside my hard disc, totally forgotten till I've recently went on an "Exploring Singapore" trip with my buddy (to Chinatown, which shall be in another post) two weeks back. So here they are! Haji Lane, through the eye of my lens.

This way to Haji Lane...

And as you are reading this now, I'm probably out on yet another Exploring Singapore session today - Little India this time. Can't wait to soak up the atmosphere and sights. (:


  1. cool!! ask me along for future of such trips if you need company!! =)

  2. ade: hoho u like to explore too ah? (:

  3. bring me along tooooooooo

  4. u two for real not. i seriously just walk and walk and walk, not even talking much with wenli one lor haha. we both do our own thing. haha. (:

  5. cool!! ask me along for future of such trips if you need company!! =)


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