Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I think the time I spent watching TV yesterday way surpassed my monthly TV watching hours. Ha! I just left the TV alternating between AFC and the Food Network Asia for the most part of the day (and night snorts).

But hey, look at it this way, at least I'm making sure we get our money worth of paying for the cable TV subscription...hehe.

Anyway, Japanese food. Again I know, Well, sorry to disappoint, Daddy loves Italian, Sis loves Japanese. Me? I pretty much like most cuisine except for a few (Malay, Indonesian - probably cos I'm unfamiliar, and also, they can be pretty oily at times...) So, most of the time, we end up eating Italian OR Japanese for our weekly dine out sessions. Or Brunch. Or Dimsum. Heh.

Tetsu @ Tanglin Mall

Sushi counter; Mixed roll; Unagi sushi; Tetsu

If XLBs and egg tarts are the must-haves for dim sum, then fresh sashimi is the equivalent of the XLBs and egg tarts in terms of Japanese food. Just look at those thick slices of fresh fish. The usuals are salmon and swordfist (hearts) and tuna (augh). There's also the occasional scallop, prawn and octopus, if you order a super big plate of mixed variety.

Tetsu's sashimi was good. Their portions were generous, the slabs of fish thickly sliced and fresh. Spread a tinge of fresh wasabi on the raw fish, and dip it slightly into the soy sauce, and put it in your mouth. Boy do I wish I have sashimi now...

Set meal (Course C - $55 I think?)

Everyone ordered ala carte, so I decided to be Ms Smarty Pants and order a set lunch haha. I love set lunches, there are just so many little bits and pieces in the deal. Not as though I will finish everything by my lonesome self anyway, I share (either by choice or force - meaning the Sis will just reach over and attack haha).

I like the above tofu, it was creamy soft, like cold tofu pudding. Sashimi is a duh. The veggies sticks were a nice refreshing touch. I like the crunchy factor of the veg dipped in the yummy Japanese salad sauce. I didn't like the last dish though. The Sister happily gobbled most of it down. Heh.

Set meal (Course C)

There was also breaded stuff and udon included in the set. I could have it tempura-d or breaded, so I chose breaded. Breaded anything always taste good no? It came with three sauces I didn't take a picture of. I was too busy trying to snap pictures and gave up after a few shots cos I wanted to stuff my face with all that food lol. And that's Sis chopsticks making an appearance in my photo cos she was just too quick and I was just too slow lol.


Of course we ordered more than what I captured. I couldn't make everyone else stop everytime a dish was placed on the table, so by the time I finished capturing my own food, everyone had already tucked in haha. If I didn't remember wrongly, there was also a plate of tempura (Daddy's fave), beef don bowl, and another don dish. And for desserts, I missed taking photos of the green tea ice cream with red beans.

Refreshing ices - Orange sorbet, Yuzu ice cream on Strawberry sherbet

I liked the Yuzu ice cream best (which Sis ordered), then the orange sorbet that came with the set meal. My Sis preferred the sorbet, so yay, I happily sneaked in more mouthfuls of the ice cream.

Tanglin Mall was pretty quiet that day we went, and the whole time we were dining, the restaurant wasn't overly packed. Even after we finished our meal and walked around the mall, it didn't seem as crowded as the other malls in Orchard as can be on a weekend.  

It's been a while since we last went out for the weekly dining out meals. So this week, we're gonna resume the sessions again. It's going to be Miramar Hotel's Japanese buffet. Yay. JAPANESE FOOD here I come... (:


  1. Haha, poor Max - he juz got back from Tokyo, and he's having a farewell lunch for colleague at Minori today and he has to eat at Ikoi this Saturday... OD of sashimi

  2. Tetsu at tanglin mall. Roger that! So gotta try it soon!

  3. Sis: HA. NO IKOI liao lor. thanks so SOMEBARDY who didnt book in time riggggght? haha. Jap still right - Umami? YOU BOOKED LE RIGHTS?

    ade: heh there's just so many jap places in sg to try!

  4. Haha, poor Max - he juz got back from Tokyo, and he's having a farewell lunch for colleague at Minori today and he has to eat at Ikoi this Saturday... OD of sashimi


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