Monday, August 30, 2010


It was my first time at Resorts World. The place was seriously packed. You can tell by just looking at the carpark. All the lots were full and alot of cars were parked illegally. Sheesh.

Anyway, back to my first glimpse of RWS, I was there to have dinner at Palio. Daddy had made a reservation there cos he say we can head to RWS to "take a look". Everything was spanking new and sparkling clean (yeah, it's new. Wait another 2 years. haha.). And the people oh the people. There were many tourists, from China and Indonesia (from their looks and accents), and alot of local families just probably doing the same as us, going there to "take a look" and walk around. ;)

We walked through Hotel Michael (haha, owned by my dad, the one named Michael. Okay, that was so not funny.) Anyway, we walked past Singapore's one and only Victoria Secret's store, and it wasn't looking very good man. The selections were SPARSE to say the least. I reckon people are better off just buying the goodies online. Much wider range of goods. ;)

 I digress again. Back to Palio. Dinner time.

Palio @ Resorts World Sentosa

Hectic kitchen pace
Bread basket

The place wasn't very packed when we went in, so we sat down, and looked at the menu, and the waiter happily proceeded to introduce the food and wines. We chose a white (just because I (and Sis) prefer white to red), and the wine was served alongside the bread basket. Have I already mentioned my love for bread baskets? Nothing beats warm crusty bread with pillowy soft innards, dipped in olive oil. I think my love for carbs is my downfall. :(

Vine ripened tomatoes; Saffron Risotto; 

As usual, we ordered a variety of dishes to share so we could all sample a wider selection of food. We ordered the Cod fish with vine ripened tomatoes and mashed potatoes, Saffron risotto, Pizza Michael (signature dish), Seafood pasta, and a Lobster linguine for our mains.

I loved the Saffron risotto! It was creamy, yet not mushy, and the saffron oh man the saffron. I can't describe how it taste like. It has delicate sweet tones, and not to mention, the red saffron strands imparts a lovely bright yellow hue to foods. Mmmmmm.

Pizza; Cod fish; Lobster linguine

The pizza was smoking hot when it arrived at the table, and we tore into it eagerly. Pizza is always best savoured hot, not cold, though I bet there are some who might disagree (what with cold pizza leftovers as breakfast or whatever. I'm just saying'...). Palio's signature pizza didn't disappoint with its thin crackly crust. I love thin crusts (or thick ones, okay, I love crusts.) and the portion of toppings on the pizza were pretty generous too.

The cod fish (thank god) wasn't like the disaster I had at Garibaldi's previously. Lightly pan fried, it was not too oily and tasted not bad. I quite enjoyed the mashed potatoes beneath the fish as it was creamy mashed potatoes. Yums. And how I wish I can grow my own vegetables and fruits in my garden. Wouldn't I love to have fresh vine-ripened tomatoes as and when I want? *dreams*

I'm not an overly big pasta fan, so both pasta tasted okay to me, nothing fancy. But I preferred the linguine over the other, just because I like the linguine noodles better than the spaghetti noodles. Haha.

Tiramisu; Chocolate tart with avocado ice cream

We ended off the meal with two desserts. The classic Tiramisu, and a chocolate tart. I felt that the excess decoration wasn't really needed for the Tiramisu cos it detracts from the original feel. I prefer my Tiramisu plain and simple without any extra berries (and berr-ish sauce) adorning it. And what's with that stick of spaghetti deco? Would anyone even eat it? Bah. On a random note, hey, my Dad correctly identified the spaghetti stick for what it was, while my Sis's boyfriend was (as usual) left floundering. Snigger.

The tart was rich man. That I think quite a number of those present gave up on it. Either that or they were too full. Nevermind, nothing goes to waste at our table, we polished it off eventually too, together with that avocado ice cream. Haha.

By the time we finished our meal, the restaurant was packed by then, lucky for us we went early cos I reckon it would have taken a longer time for our food to arrive if we came at a later time when everyone was present too.

After that tummy bursting meal, we went for a walk around RWS. There's a Hershey's shop, and it's quite huge! With all things Hershey's! I got myself a bag of cinnamon chips! Haha. I just can't stop buying baking ingredients. So sue me. Hee.

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