Monday, August 23, 2010

Flor Patisserie

Blogging may have its perks at times. I made a new friend through blogging, who share similar interests in baking and Korean food. (: I met up with Evan (bossacafez) from Evan's Kitchen Ramblings one weekend last month to try out a relatively new dessert place - Flor Patisserie. The chef behind the patisserie recently just opened his shop after leaving Patisserie Glacé, another well-known pastry shop I've yet to try (note to self: shall walk over there one day during lunch time to grab some of the goodies).

Flor Patisserie

Waguri Millefeuille

Both of us agreed that the Waguri Millefeuille was the best dessert out of the three. The creamy chestnut puree atop the crisp layers of millefeuille. What's there not to like? I like that the dessert was sweet, but not overly sweet (think Tampopo Deli, which sells awesome cream puffs, but overly sweet mont blanc). My favourite-st part of the dessert was the crispy millefeuile. How does one achieve that high standard of crisp melt-in-the-mouth millefeuille texture? Mmmmmm. If I really wanted to grouse on anything about this delightful treat, I suppose the cooked chestnut sitting prettily on top could have been replaced by the authentic marron glacé, but oh well, I read that making marrons glacés is a helluva process...

Strawberry Souffle;Green Tea Opera

The Strawberry Souffle was my second favourite. The fork went through the soft silky cake studded with strawberries easily. On the first bite, the cream cheese taste was very discernible, hmmm, akin to those Japanese style cream cheese cake taste. Pleasant.

The Green Tea Opera was a letdown though. As usual with matcha chocolate pairings, the chocolate overwhelmed the delicate matcha flavour, in fact, I didn't actually tasted anything matcha-y about this cake. It was also a little drier than how I like my cakes to be.

Overall, the desserts were okay I guess, at least I can cross it off my to-go place, and not miss going back (oh well, maybe just for the chestnut dessert...) anytime soon. (:

Evan's review can be read here.


  1. you finally blogged! i was just wondering this morning when yr entry will be up haha. yea, its great knowing u, can't wait to hang out again :)

    pretty pics! i didn't even realize there's an open/close sign haha, you're so observant. we shd go to patisserie glace nx!

  2. omg hahaha. that was instant! yes! ION DAISO this wkend!!! (: (: (: patisserie glace next would be great hoho.

  3. omg hahaha. that was instant! yes! ION DAISO this wkend!!! (: (: (: patisserie glace next would be great hoho.


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