Friday, December 02, 2011

Jimmy Monkey

I met a favourite girlfriend for brunch (my birthday brunch - thanks for the treat, girlfriend!) to discuss about our planned vacation next year three weekends ago.

There were a few new coffee cafes I wanted to check out, so I chose the one that was closest to home (since I'll be lugging travel books and my laptop) in west Singapore - at the One North (Buona Vista) area.

Jimmy Monkey 

It was a rainy morning, and the tiny cafe was not quite packed, but not empty either. The environment was the perfect balance of cosy and intimate. We sat there for a few hours, and I felt that the place was like a home, you could just sit and chill for a bit while listening to the rain pitter-pattering outside.

Woodsy and naturalistic decor

We ordered two breakfast sets to share - the Full cooked breakfast and the French toast with berries and golder syrup. The full cooked breakfast consist of eggs (done any style - we chose scrambled), toasted ciabatta, and a choice of three sides from bacon, ham, sausages, grilled tomato, mushrooms, smoked salmon, spinach and baked beans (we chose mushrooms, grilled tomato and bacon).

The full cooked breakfast was quite good, we both thought the mushrooms were yummy, and the grilled vine tomatoes were uber juicy that they exploded in your mouth in one bite. They provided two spreads - butter and a chestnut spread, which I thought was quite unique since most places either serve butter or jam/honey.

The presenatation of the French toast was interesting as they sliced the bread into thirds and served them stacked up prettily (as shown above), whereas other restaurants traditionally serve up two/three pieces of whole bread pieces. It was delicious, but I don't know why, the portions were just a little too much for us two. I almost always finish brunch food when I'm dining out, but this time round, we couldn't finish our plates as we were just too full.

Coffee machine; cosy corners to just chill at Jimmy Monkey

Girlfriend and I both ordered two coffees each during our time there. One for each of us to go with breakfast (as shown in the first picture) - I had the piccolo latte and I think she had the espresso? For our second cups, I had the latte (above) while she had an iced coffee. The coffees were really good, strong without being too milky and the coffees I had sure perked me right up. In fact, I think two cups of coffee was a little too much for my system to bear. I was feeling a little too buzzed by the time we left the place around 4ish. I don't drink coffee on a daily basis, so I guess two cups were just a overkill.

I left the place with a happy smile. I'll definitely be back again. The location is not too far for me, and the place was really good to just sit and chill a coupla hours (it helps when it's a rainy day so there won't be too much human traffic). There are parking lots available at the condo next to the cafe - which I parked my car at that day, but note that it's per hour, so stay and chill - for a small price. ;)

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