Saturday, December 03, 2011

Chocolatey cocoa nib brownies

I was craving for brownies mid-week last week. I almost never bake during a weekday since I love to snap photos of my bakes, and I always tend to use my weekends to do so to capture my bakes in natural lighting.

I blame it on pms. Chocolate cravings are a constant part of it, and I just had to have brownies. Okay, indulge my whim I shall.

Chocolatey cocoa nib brownies

I used my favourite brownie recipe, since I couldn't recall when I had last baked up a batch of those. Perhaps at least a year had gone by since I had visited the recipe. As usual, I made changes to it to suit my own palette as I recall that the original recipe was just too sweet.

I reduced the sugar (and used fine sugar instead of coarse), added some ground cinnamon and espresso granules, a pinch of fine sea salt, and stirred in about a half cup of cocoa nibs before I poured the batter into the pan.

It turned out just lovely. Chocolatey and rich without being overly sweet (thanks to the crunchy little cocoa nibs!). I think I shall have to improve the recipe further as while it satisfied my chocolate craving, it didn't have a crust top (Sis pointed out). Thus I won't be posting a recipe today, but I hope you do add cocoa nibs to your favourite brownie batter as it adds another level of chocolate goodness to each slice.


  1. Hi I stumbled upon your blog and I'm absolutely blown away! You make lovely pastry items with such professional detail! I'm a pastry student at at-Sunrice GlobalChef Academyin Singapore and I must say your pastry skills put us to shame! I'm totally impressed! Tell me you went to pastry school! Haha!

  2. Type your reply...thank you xiaowei for your kind words, but nope, no pastry sch bg and ive got loads more to improve on. ;) super jealous that u'r studying pastry (my love), i've a friend currently in there at at-sunrice too, she's finishing up soon tho...


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