Thursday, October 06, 2011


I've been to Himawari previously once, with my family some years ago, and I remember vividly how I liked the food so much cos everything was just so fresh (albeit with a hefty tag to it). Recently, Dad was again, asking where we should eat for our weekly family meal, so I suggested the Japanese restaurant again cos I was craving Japanese food. I made a call, but was somehow rejected as the place was fully booked. But Dad gave 'em a call, and I don't know how, we landed seats! At the ala-carte dining area that is (maybe the receptionist thought I was calling to ask about their buffet). And anyway, Dad frequents it quite often in the past and he knows the chef too - maybe that's why haha.

Beer; Tomatoes appetizer

One thing that you should try at Himawari is the tomatoes. I know. You must be thinking - Tomatoes? Why would I think of tomatoes when it's a Japanese restaurant? It should be sashimi, unagi, sushi etc etc. But trust me. The tomatoes there really taste very good. A simple tomato, sliced up and served with a little plum powder at the side never tasted any better. Sometimes, it's the simplicity that shines.
Maki sushi; Grilled kabocha

The sashimi was really awesome too. Thick slabs of fresh and succulent raw fish, smeared with wasabi and dipped in soy sauce. Noms. I'm craving Japanese food now again while writing.
Seared tuna tataki
Ikura sushi; Scallops; Grilled mushrooms; Unagi sushi
Grilled saba; Roasted sweet potatoes

Two of my favourites! I've recently developed a liking for saba (influenced majorly by Ootoya's superb saba - my all-time favourite and number 1) and Himawari's saba is certainly tasty. Same goes for the roasted sweet potatoes. What I like about the place is that the chef works right in front of you, everything you order is prepared fresh on the spot. The food is, to put it simply, simple and delicious. They don't really do alot of fancy dishes, but their basics are all done really good. I appreciate food like that.

Fried rice
Matcha, goma and peach ice cream

We ended the meal with some ice cream. And I must say that all three flavours (green tea, black sesame and peach) were really really fantastic! Okay, I'm running out of adjectives here to describe how much I like the food, but you get the idea. They served the ice creams with corn flakes, which I thought was quite cute (and unseen before), but really, quite unnecessary cos the ice cream is good enough on its own.

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