Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cocoa nib macarons with earl grey ganache

More macarons again. I'm certainly practicing making macarons very frequently nowadays.

Macarons for my nephew's birthday
Uniform piped macaron shells

After baking so many batches of macarons, I think I've gotten the piping part of the shells down to a pat. My macarons used to range from the teeny ones to large ones, all in the same batch's work. After switching over to the Italian meringue method, the batter is a constant - thicker and easier to pipe (lesser chance of the batter spreading out) and really, it's just constant practice makes perfect! ;)

I tried infusing the cream for the ganache with two bags of Gryphon's earl grey tea (the tea blend includes bergamot and lavender tones) and I thought that the overall taste was quite light. A hint of something more than just plain ganache, but not yet the straight full earl grey flavours on the tongue. I really like the addition of cocoa nibs to the shells as they are slightly bittersweet and provided a really satisfying crunch to each bite. I'll probably be using cocoa nibs more for any future chocolate flavoured macarons to cut the sweetness.


  1. Very pretty macarons! :) Wish mine were like yours!

  2. wow, these macarons look so heavenly delicious. Really got me craving for some. Great work on the photography. Love the photos.

  3. Wow, your macarons are GORGEOUS! Your photos are spectacular and I love infusing chocolate with Earl Grey

  4. thanks jane! i saw ur recent speculoos cookies post and thought those were just amazing cos i love speculoos.  i nv knew there was a speculoos spread!!! 

  5. BEautiful!  I have some cocoa nibs that I (gasp!) haven't used for months that I won as part of a giveaway.  This seems like the PERFECT way to utilize that treasure.


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