Monday, March 14, 2011

P.S Cafe (Dempsey)

Following my last post on dinner at P.S Cafe (Palais), I recently had a brunch date with my girlfriend at P.S Cafe (Dempsey). It was my second visit to the Dempsey outlet, my very first visit to a P.S Cafe was a few years back at P.S Cafe (Dempsey).

P.S Cafe (Dempsey)

No reservations were allowed for brunch at the Dempsey outlet, and so we arrived there around 11ish, hoping to get a seat soon. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait at all, a table for two was easily obtainable (compared to like a larger table for four or six) so we were seated like immediately after enquiring if a table for two was available.

Lovely handwriting on the glass
Our table; Coffees
P.S Big Bacon & Eggs; Eggs Florentine

We shared two mains and the food was quite decent I guess. The poached eggs arrived perfectly gooey in the middle, and the scrambled eggs were fluffy like clouds. Thumbs up cos I do get irky if my eggs arrive on the table overdone. Other than that, nothing jumps out too much, it was the atmosphere that lures customers I think. Laidback, inviting and cosy, it was a great place for weekend brunch.

Ginger pudding served with earl grey creme anglaise and vanilla ice cream

I was stuffed to the brim with our mains, yet we still ordered dessert -at my insistence actually heh-. I've heard rave reviews about most of their desserts, so we ordered a pudding to share. It was yums! Though girlfriend wasn't a ginger fan, she also said that the dessert was nice. I felt that the pudding was just a tad too rich/sweet though. Then again, puddings tend to be on the sweet side anyway, so no harm done. I love how the pudding had subtle ginger tones and was extremely moist and warm. When eaten with the cold creamy vanilla ice cream, the combinations of flavours melded together perfectly on the tongue. A pity I couldn't really detect any strong earl grey tones for the creme anglaise, and I believe that it was the culprit that made the dessert slightly too sweet.

I can't wait to head back again for their other desserts! ^^

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  1. That is one of the best looking breakfasts I've ever seen.. I love how everything is written in chalk in a modern cafe... so shabby chic.


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