Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 (2)

There's quite a bit of pictures again for this post about Hong Kong. Mostly because, like I mentioned earlier, there's just too much good food to be consumed.

Weekend dim sum

And day three of our trip commenced with dim sum. What better to start a day's meal with than these baskets of small delights? Sis's ex-colleague is currently working in Hong Kong, so he brought us to this dim sum place at Silvercord, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon that served pretty good food.

Almond custard buns

Unlike the usual custard buns that we are used to seeing in Singapore, this restaurant offered an interesting new bun - almond custard buns. The outer appearance resembled the 波罗包 (albeit a white version), pineapple buns that are a popular snack in Hong Kong. Breaking open the bun revealed the oozy almond filling within. It tasted quite good while it was still hot.

Siew mai; Fried (something I forgot what) balls; Cheong fan; Lotus leaf wrapped glutinous rice
Custard buns; Radish cake
A table full of dim sum baskets
***Super delish chicken dish

Sis's friend (I shall call him T from now onwards) ordered this chicken dish that was not included in the menu, but it turned out to be the most well-received dish among the rest of the party. I've forgotten the name, but it was named something along the lines of "top grade soya sauce chicken" - in Cantonese of course. It was simply scrumptious as the meat was really well marinated and the soya flavour was really intense.

Fried savoury pancake
Custard bun with super melty custard
Crispy roasted pork
Receipt (the chicken dish name is the first on the list)
翠華餐廳, Hong Kong

After dim sum, we walked around a bit, shopping here and there for a while, and when we walked by this place called 翠華餐廳 (Tsui Wah), T ordered a few of the famous buns to go for us to share and try. It's called the 特脆奶油猪仔包 (Crispy Bun served with Sweet Condensed Milk). It was really good! The bun looked so deceptively simple, but the taste was oh so good despite its average appearance. The bun was soft and fluffy inside, yet crispy on the outside, and the sweet and salty combination of butter and sweet condensed milk made it a really heavenly bun.

許留山, Hong Kong

And then it was on to desserts at Xu Liu Shan, a popular dessert chain in Hong Kong. Another friend of Sis (M), joined us and we sat there to chat for a bit. Our party split up after that as we wanted to go to different places to shop. Sis and I spent some time at a shopping mall and we got ourselves two pairs of new boots each! My flats were killing my feet as Hong Kong streets were really rough and pebbled, so I immediately switched to wearing my new ankle boots. Aaaah. So much more comfortable for more walking.


I was trying so hard to find the common egg waffle shaped street snack yet it remained elusive till the third day of our trip, where I spotted some after our shopping session. I immediately got in the queue to get my hands on a bag of these adorable tasty munchies. They are like hollowed cake balls, crispy on the exterior and soft on the insides. The stall I got mine from only offered the original flavour, but I've watched a telly program that introduced a stall that sells several flavours such as chocolate, green tea, strawberry and so on. A pity I didn't catch the name of the stall, if not I would have gone to pay them a visit!

Seafood dinner at 鯉魚門 
Breathtaking night view

I managed to capture a lovely shot of the harbour at night, and this is the photo almost unedited or anything! I simply just brightened the colours to make it more vibrant, but besides that, the photo was mostly untouched. 

We walked into a dodgy looking ally that winded round and round, before we finally arrived at the restaurant. It was quite packed as you can see above, and we sat down with our stomachs growling in anticipation.

Bamboo clams

My favourite dish of the night. The bamboo clams meat was stir fried in a spicy sauce that was so addictive. I couldn't stop myself from taking seconds...

Prawns; Steamed fish; Abalone
Scallops; Prawns

The smaller looking prawns dish (above right) was placed on our table and some of us (me excluded!) helped ourselves to the dish thinking that it was part of our order. Soon after, a waitress stopped by at the table and without a word, whisked away the partly eaten plate before setting down a plate of prawns that were much bigger. I guess they made an error, so lucky for the few of us that got to eat extra! ^^

Cheesy lobster udon
Hong Kong MTR
Crowded even at midnight at Jordan area on a Friday night

After a late night of games at A's house, everyone trooped back to the hotel blurry eyed around 3-ish in the morning. We still had to do the last minute packing our our luggage and stuff. Our flight was at 1-ish and we had to check in at least 2 hours prior. Oh was going to be a short night (or in this case, morning).  

Despite that, Sis, her boyfriend and I decided to wake up earlier to go for some last minute local breakfast treats before we depart from Hong Kong. And sad to say, we had to give up buying home the famous Tai Cheong Bakery's egg tarts cos they were located too far away from our place. Ah, but at least we had some morning breakkie!

Char siew pastry
Char siew cheong fan; Radish cake; Custard buns

Round one of morning breakfast was at this yum cha place near our hotel that Sis had frequented before. She recommended the char siew pastry, so we got that and a few other nibbles cos nothing else much on the menu appealed to us. 

The food was average only, the custard buns didn't even have oozy innards! How disappointing. The radish cake was not bad though.

While walking back to our hotel, we had to bypass this:

Yummy steamed milk 茶餐廳 

Round two breakfast it was! ^^

Steamed milk done three ways - Chocolate, ginger and gingko nuts
Buttered toast; Pork chop sandwich

It could be a personal preference, but I much preferred the steamed milk over the steamed eggs we had the other day. I ordered the ginger one, and I wanted it served hot, but the lady said that it wasn't ready yet and  thus I got the cold serving. It was really smooth and delicious and I reckon it would have been even better if it was served hot. The chocolate one tasted really nice too, it was almost like a chocolate mousse.

Our last shot at Hong Kong food surprisingly didn't end here. After checking in and so in the airport, we had some time to spare, so we looked around for something light to munch on before we got on our flight. There was a Tsuih Wah stall in the airport! Obviously we had to go for it. Right, rights? The 3 of us got the  crispy condensed milk bun and a pork chop bun to share. Unfortunately for us, we misgauged the time we had left and by the time we got our food, we had our hands full with the hand carry bags and luggage and were half running towards the gate. We only managed to gobble our buns while standing on the bus that transports the passengers to the plane. You can totally imagine how funny the situation it must have been. I bet the other passengers around us must have became hungry cos of the delicious smell wafting through the air while we were nomming. ^^

And that marks the end of my Hong Kong trip 2011. I can't wait for the next Hong Kong trip already! Perhaps in two years' time (or sooner) I hope! 


  1. Mmm those custard buns look amazing. I've never seen ones with almond custard. Guess that's why I need to visit HK =D.

  2. Wow, your trip looks great - perfect combination of delicious food, nice places and good shopping sessions. You made me curious about the bamboo clams, I never tried them. I've seen them few times at the market, but since I never tried them I didn't dare buy them to make a dish out of them. Now I will probably give it a try.

  3. gai dai zai! hk has too much good food, a trip there is necessary one day :)

  4. xiaolu: they tasted amaaaazing. ^^
    emilia: hk is simply a really fun place for a short getaway. ive nv tried buying/cooking bamboo clams before but i do know they taste simply delish!
    grub: yes!!! hk is a must visit for food lovers! (then again, im alr spoilt for choice here in sg...^^)

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